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Somewhere More Familiar After an accidental electrical jolt after an encounter with Jean-Phillipe, amnesiac Jane Doe started recovering fragmented memories and renewed her search for her past. The search was further driven forward by a chance encounter with a stranger in New York (Lula Terwilligar) who recognized Jane, citing their shared membership in something called 'The Well Earth Program' but disappeared before she could be questioned. Amanda, called in to help, tracked the program to an organisation called Nascor Associates, a large consulting firm that focuses on environmental issues. Jane, Amanda and Monet travelled to Vermont to the facility that seemingly held the keys to her past.

After an incident involving a security guard, Nascor PR director Harlan Macabbe revealed to Jane that she and her family were part of the Well Earth Project, an initiative that aims to place beneficially gifted mutants in areas of where their gifts would be the greatest use such as developing countries. Jane had disappeared after an accident with the security guard, during which she was mind-wiped and despite her 'undesirable mutation' was invited to return to the facility. Uncomfortable with things, Jane declined, and the group was allowed to leave. Several days later, Jane received an email containing her true name and birth details.