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New Orleans Is Sinking

Following her defeat at the hands of Remy LeBeau and X-Force that summer, Remy's ex-wife Belladonna Boudreaux-LeBeau finally set in motion her final plan to wrest control of New Orleans from Tante Mattie and the New Orleans Guilds| the Guilds by using weather-controlling magic to whip a Category 1 hurricane into a raging Category 5 storm, headed straight for New Orleans. In her hurry to get Remy out of the way, however, she slipped up, Marie-Ange Colbert taking the bullet meant for him and alerting her enraged coworkers that something was up. Their researches revealed the storm, and the mercenaries being used to prevent the impoverished Ninth Ward inhabitants from leaving, and with Ororo Munroe insisting on joining them, they made their way to what was likely to be their last mission.

Summoned to New Orleans, Remy and Amanda Sefton met with Tante, who used the scarring inflicted by Candra to channel the loa Baron Samedi into Remy, something no-one had ever survived. Pete Wisdom led a team to the levies, to disarm the explosives laid there and guarded by Assassins and mercenaries, while Ororo and Sofia Mantega-Barret took a last-ditch stand to use their powers to hold back the storm long enough for the others to stop the spell.

Ridden by the loa, Remy led the poor and dispossessed on a deadly dance through the city, but just as they reached the Bordreaux estate, he collapsed, seemingly dead. Belladonna's triumph appeared complete, until suddenly Remy rose to meet her and the mansion - and the bokor powering the spell - exploded, the work of her 'deceased' brother Daniel. No longer propelled by the magic, the storm died away, leaving Ororo collapsing unconscious. Arlan D'Armade, producing thick stacks of evidence, revealed that Remy was actually Sebastian D'Armade, a long lost son of a former Thieves Guildmaster, and by marriage, the rightful leader of the Assassins as well. With her own trial pending regarding the Guildmasters she murdered, Belladonna was forced to flee, with the knowledge that the Assassins would be hunting her. In his new position, Remy reversed all of Belladonna's policies to unite the Guilds, returning them to the fractious and now much-reduced state, before abdicating his own rights to any position.

Remy's 'heritage' was nothing but a lie, Arlan revealed later, giving Remy an envelope containing the true information as to his parents. Seeking Ororo in hospital, Remy destroyed the envelope unopened, accepting the life he had built as his own. X-Force spent a brief, shining moment being hailed as heroes, the energy of the city being enough for Illyana Rasputin and Marie-Ange to teleport from New York and join them and for Amanda to heal the precognitive.