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Beast: Henry - better known as Hank - McCoy was one of the school's original students, and left to form an illustrious career as a scientist. When an experiment went horribly wrong and accelerated his mutation, giving him the appearance of the Beast of his codename, Hank sank into depression, nearly killing himself on several occasions in attempts to find a cure. Eventually brought out of despair by his friends from the school, plus colleagues such as Moira MacTaggart, he resumed his career, returning periodically to the school to act as the mansion's inventor and doctor, as well as an X-Man. It was during one of these sojurns that he adopted the son of one of the students, Danielle Moonstar, fulfilling a life-long dream to become a father. With fellow doctor Madelyn Bartlet, he found love, and eventually the couple moved to Edinburgh to raise Billy in a safer environment and further their careers. However, who knows what consequences lie in wait in Hank's genes from his brush with the genetic alterations of Infectia? Can the perfect life remain perfect?