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Moment of Awesome - Rogue: It's Rogue vs the Hulk when the X-Men discover the Avengers work for SHIELD and don't appreciate their help.

So far, the battle against the Hood had been a standstill. Rogue and Dominion's speed were well above the Hood's, but his grab-bag of magical tricks had been enough to force them back every time they made an assault. His accurate fire from the glowing automatics had been especially effective in forcing them to fall back.

Kane was just about to suggest calling in more X-Men when a disc flew through the air and hit the Hood squarely, knocking him back on his heels. The spinning disc ricocheted off the roof and was snatched out of the air by a figure in red, white and blue. Behind him, a green behemoth landed on the roof hard enough to crack the concrete.

"You are all under arrest." Captain America. It was like he'd stepped out of an old photo from Life magazine.

Rogue automatically put her hands on her hips, eyebrow cocked. "Ah'm sorry, but that sounded like ya jus said we all were under arrest. Ah think you're mistaken. We," she said, motioning to Kane and herself, "are X-Men. We're the good guys."

Nobody that big should be able to move that fast, one minute the Hulk was standing behind Captain America and the next he had launched himself forward with a snarl one meaty hand seizing Rogue and driving her backwards into a wall.

"Fuck!" Kane said and moved to try and cut off the green creature. But the Captain moved almost as fast, rushing him on the side with his shield. The blow knocked Kane off his feet, sending him scrambling. The Hood targeted the Captain immediately, firing rapidly from his automatics. But the shield seemed to move of its own accord, knocking down the slugs.

Her throat was seriously raw. It was only due to her invulnerability that her throat wasn't crushed (and okay, maybe partly due to the fact that the Hulk didn't seem to actually want to kill her). She idly wondered if maybe all these blows to the head would bring back memories, but that's not what she was focused on.

It was impossible to pull her glove off from the angle she was at. Thank goodness she was flexible, she thought, as she managed to get a good kick into his side, which released some pressure on her neck.

Rogue's kick actually staggered the Hulk, she had looked so tiny and petite that he hadn't expected her to be able to hit so hard. A kick that brought her a few seconds reprieve to catch her breath as the green behemoth drove himself back to his feet with a snarl. A large green fist connected with Rogue driving her back through the wall she'd just been held against, her body was soon followed by that of the Hulk rushing after her leaving the once proud wall reduced to a pile of dust.

As the two disappeared through the wall, Dominion made a bolt for the hole but the shield whipped past him. The Hood took a second hit from the spinning disc and disappeared, retreating from the battle. The Captain was on him with surprising speed. He blocked a right cross and hit the man hard in the stomach. The blow staggered him, but he twisted out of the way of the follow-up and smashed his boot into Kane's throat.

Thank God for shoddy construction, she thought to herself as she scrambled to get up. The Hulk had had surprise on his side, but on her feet, she was an even match.

And then there was the Captain to deal with. Rogue watched in horror as she witnessed the throat stomping. Picking up a sizeable piece of concrete, she threw it as hard as she could towards the Captain. She lifted up in the air afterwards, trying to get out of the Hulk's reach.

This mission was not going to be successful, she thought.