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List of the Dead:

Although we have had numerous new characters, both PCs and NPCs, appear in X-Project over the years, there have also been characters who have passed on. Become no more. Have ceased to be. Expired and gone to meet their maker. These are late characters, stiffs, bereft of life, they rest in peace. Rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible, they are truly ex-characters.

In the last two years, the 'toll' was as follows:


Kishini Jinasena - died from powers backlash (Kaiten)

Zu Zhou - suicide by nuke (Krakoa)

Candra - killed by Pete Wisdom (Voodoo Child) (although will resurrect herself and be a potential problem in the future)

Amaquelin Family - King Agon, Queen Rynda, Lord Quelin and Lady Ambur, killed in a plane crash along with various Attilani dignitaries and politicians. (Sound of Silence)

Margali Szardos - died of magical overload and old age after stealing Amanda's body. (The Winding Way)

Isaac Javitz - thrown into space by Cain Marko. (Thirteen Days).


Ben DeRoy - smothered by Marie-Ange Colbert to stop a reality warp. (Operation: Shaboom)

Wendigo - killed by Logan (Wendigo (plot)).

Several members of the Church of Humanity - killed by Amanda Sefton for a healing spell (These Earthly Things).

Eric Wilson, newly manifested mutant; Robert and Melissa Wilson, Eric's parents - killed by Eric's powers in Resurrection Man.

Father Alexi Garnoff - killed by a car bomb set by Tara Trask (X-Men Mission: Becket).

Alexei Shostakov - heart attack during the attack on Zemo's Doom Fortress (Zemo).

Colin MacInnis - telekinesis-induced 'stroke'.

Esteban Trotsky - killed in Pakistan in a firefight (Bhagavad Gita).

Dubāw/Smasher - Slain by Jubilation Lee and Wanda Maximoff (Operation: Retribution).

Chābuk-Mārnā/Hussar - Slain by Amanda Sefton and Marie-Ange Colbert (Operation: Retribution).

Dārkā/Fang - Slain by Sarah Morlocke and Remy LeBeau (Operation: Retribution).

Dr. Joseph Skrul - killed by his own powers after attempting to steal Jay's (Sulaco).

Some are mourned. Others are not. Sometimes death is even permanent.