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Moment of Awesome - Jean Grey/Marvel Girl: When Jean visits Warren to thank him for saving her life, their past history gets in the way.

"You still broke my heart, Warren. And what kills me the most is you don't understand why. So I only want one thing...an apology."

Warren watched the feathers fall wistfully to the ground. Their gentle sway created an envy in him -- no cares, nothing. Just the knowledge that the fall wouldn't hurt.

"An apology?" He quirked an eyebrow. "For what? Being myself? I told you in the beginning that I'd mess up, Jean. That I'd make you angry. I told you I didn't know how to be in a relationship. I opened myself up to you and you accepted. Did we ever say we were monogamous? Was a deeper commitment ever implied? Because that would have been nice to know."

He looked away suddenly, unable to look at her anymore. "You're not the only one with feelings."

Blinking rapidly, Jean flinched, hurt, before she suddenly narrowed her eyes. "Bullshit," she said.

"Yeah, you tried to open up to me at first. But then you got so scared of actually showing someone what was underneath all that bravado and making a commitment to someone other than yourself that when the first time things got serious you panicked and fucked up on purpose to get out of it instead of trying to figure things out together," she said. She shook her head.

"I refuse to take the blame because I accepted you, expecting a lover and a partner instead of a child. I didn't want to be your mother. I just wanted to love you, Warren, but I'm not going to sacrifice my own happiness to do so. You're so afraid of letting someone in and love you for you that you'd rather hurt them. And until you find a way to get past that...you'll be surrounded by people but you'll be alone."

"And how am I supposed to learn anything if you're not willing to set an example?" His voice remained cool, but inside, his gut clenched. It was true, whispered a little voice in his head. Everything was true....but there was no way he'd admit it.

Tilting her head, Jean fell silent for a moment or two before finally speaking.

"I could put up the biggest, brightest billboard in Times Square but it's useless if you keep choosing to ignore what you see in order to escape reality," she said. She turned to head toward the door.

"When you're ready to look, come find me. Until then....goodbye Warren."