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Remy's Eleven

Stryker's invasion of the school in X2 came back to haunt them when it became known that various files, stolen during the invasion, were being auctioned by the highest bidder. The man in control of the auction was a prominent Vegas personality known as Arcade.

Remy LeBeau, on learning of the auction, came up with a desperate plan - a mixed group of students and staff would break into Arcade's casino, countering state of the art security measures and stealing back the files. Reluctantly, Charles Xavier agreed to the use of his students in such a dangerous undertaking, as any kind of direct action by the X-Men would bring the full weight of Arcade's political connections down on the school.

Using a combination of stealth, powers and cunning, the break-in was conducted and the loss of the files and $110 million blamed on the Brotherhood of Mutants. A few days after their triumphant return, The Anodyne and Cornucopia Foundation, the Red Cross' Red X, and numerous other pro-mutant right organizations announced record fundraising by anonymous donors.

Remy's Eleven was the first field mission for many of the characters, including Remy. Later, Arcade would uncover the truth behind the theft and engineer his own particular brand of revenge in Wendy.