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Power inhibitors Power inhibitors are technological devices designed to restrict the use of mutant powers. These devices are usually fragile, short-range, and extremely expensive. As far as any rare technology can be considered "basic", a basic power inhibitor works by transmitting a specific frequency of energy that affects enzyme transmission in human cells containing the x-gene. The reason for the prohibitive cost of power inhibitors lies in both the extremely sensitive scanning technology and energy emitters involved in their construction.

To date, no government has authorized production or official use of power inhibitors, as their long-term effects are still being studied. Private organizations have been the only groups known to produce this technology for uses varying from medical purposes to illegal acts such as kidnapping and hostage-taking.

Because of the energy fields used and the effect on the genetics of the inhibited mutant, long-term use of inhibitors has been known to cause serious side effects such as nausea is the most common, headache, loss of energy, loss of appetite, and loss of mental acuity leading up to and including a semi-comatose state. Short-term physical effects can include irritation of the tissue around the inhibitor site, while the long-term effects of inhibitor use can lead to development of cancerous tumors.