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Aurora: Twin to Jean-Paul Beaubier, Jeanne-Marie suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder. One personality is the quiet, prudish and very human schoolmarm Jeanne-Marie, the other the super-powered and unstable Aurora. Separated from her brother after the death of their parents and brought up in a reactionary Catholic school for girls from an early age, Jeanne-Marie was tormented by her fellow students and manifested her flight, superspeed and invulnerability when she tried to commit suicide by throwing herself off the roof. Convinced she was a tool of the devil, Jeanne-Marie repressed her mutant powers, sparking off the split into her two selves, and over time her episodes became more dramatic. Recruited to Alpha Flight by Logan from off the streets, she was reunited with her brother but eventually she required hospitalisation for her mental issues. Escaping, she tracked Jean-Paul down to Xavier's, where she spent a short time confusing people before returning to Canada with him for further treatment. Eventually, however, she disappeared, unable to stand what her instability was doing to her twin, winding up in France and undergoing apparently successful reintegration. She returned to Xavier's following her brother's psionic torture, drawn to him by their shared bond, and choosing to go with him to Muir Island when his treatment required it. She remains there, even after his return to Xavier's.