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Fiction and Art:

Sometimes people's creativity overflows past the confines of the game. Check out the results, be they alternate histories, unposted logs, behind the scenes drabbles or artistic works.

Frequently the result of memes or challenges, things develop a life of their own, such as the 2015 Project, exploring the future of various XP characters. Sometimes things get a bit meta, such as the Inside the Actor's Studio 'interviews' with a number of actors "playing" roles in X-Project, or the infamous fanfic written by Shinobi Shaw fangirls. Other times it's logs that for whatever reason were never completed or couldn't be posted, and which fill in the gaps, such as Kwannon's perspective on the time When Alex Blew Up.

Drabbles are listed by author, given the sheer number - more are being added even now. Frequently providing interesting insight into a character's mind, sometimes from the viewpoint of another player, they range from cute, to amusing, to poignant, to chilling. Longer pieces, sometimes developing into series themselves, give us a more in-depth view of alternative lives, unwritten pasts or behind the scenes.

Writing isn't the only talent some players have, with various pieces of Art also appearing, as well as icons, banner and posters.

Readers as well as players are encouraged to submit their own works to X_Project, the fan comm.