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Mechanisms of Revenge: An ordinary car pool turned to tragedy when Garrison Kane, Pete Wisdom, Jay Guthrie and Danielle Moonstar were attacked by Sabretooth and the Dark Riders, mercenaries in the employ of and loyal to the imprisoned Apocalypse. Adrienne's powers confirmed the scope of the attack - with Jay's wings torn off, Dani's throat cut, Garrison's arm ripped off and Pete shot several times in the back, it seemed like the worst had befallen the school and Snow Valley, the deaths of several of their own.

In reality, the four had been saved by Blaquesmith, one of Apocalypse's former cohorts, twisted and deformed by Apocalypse's powers and filled with a desire for revenge. Having already spoken to Pete about killing Apocalypse, Blaquesmith had been watching the attack and stepped in, seeing a way to achieve his aims. Using his powers, he made Garrison, Dani and Jay into weapons, with Pete reluctantly agreeing to plan things in return for their release afterwards. Hearing Apocalypse had escaped, aided by the Dark Riders, Pete arranged for a trap at the Blue Area Mesa where a group of mutants had set up a commune. Apocalypse took the bait, using his powers to convert the mutants to his will and make their powers more offensive. At the same time, Pete leaked word of Apocalypse's whereabouts to both X-Force and the X-Men and a combined force went to the commune to try and recapture/kill Apocalypse and take down the Dark Riders and Sabretooth, if they were there. A pitched battle followed, during which the three changed mutants attacked and beheaded Apocalypse.

In the days that followed, it became clear that all four of the missing were profoundly changed and the recovery process is ongoing.