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Leonard Samson: Board certified child & adolescent psychiatrist and licensed clinical social worker, Leo worked for former mentor, Charles Xavier, counselling students at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. He added to the student population when he found and arranged for the amnesiac Jane Doe to be brought to the school. He also lived for a time in Salem Center and shared a private practice called Salem Center Counseling Services with a social worker, an art therapist, another psychiatrist, a psychologist, and a marriage therapist. He sees primarily mutant children and adolescents, but also has counseled families who have mutant relatives. He divided his time between SCCS, and Xavier's and occasionally consulted at mental hospitals across the country. He is considered an expert in working with mutant children and teenagers and will often travel across the country for specific cases. In 2009 a bombing at the SCCS resulted in the death of a young client and a crisis of faith for Leo. Concerned about the danger his openly mutant presence posed at the Center, he contemplated relocating to the mansion, to continue his counselling work from there. Before he could make a decision, he became involved in a much larger stage - world politics. An expert on mutant child and adolescent psychology, he gave several talks in Germany, as well as being involved in a closed doors conference with several leading figures in mutant rights. This stirred him to consider the wider plight of mutants, and having been in Pakistan following the terrorist action that left half a million dead, he decided to relocate to the Indian subcontinent in August 2009 in order to provide assistance to the traumatised survivors and to educate them about mutants.