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Fred Duncan: Duncan was recruited into the Federal Bureau of Investigations just before his thirtieth birthday, and excelled at the FBI Academy at Quantico. During which, he became one of less than fifteen hundred agents to have ever shot a 'possible' (perfect score) during the markmanship qualifier since the school opened. Duncan started in fraud investigation, but was quickly moved to the position of a roving agent, consulting on mutant related crimes. Almost accidentially, Duncan became the chief authority in law enforcement on dealing with mutant crimes and crime scenes.

For a time, a 'mutant task force' was formed under Duncan, a combination of forensic and investigative experts who works across the country on mutant cases. It was during this time that Duncan worked with a young Academy graduate, Madelyn Bartlet who would later end up at the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Following the events of X2, Duncan's task force was dissolved, and the team split up to create and provide standardized training to all FBI agents on mutant related topics in law enforcement. Duncan was promoted to the rank of Deputy Assistant Director of Investigations, and specifically tasked to create a new branch of investigations that considered and countered the challenges of mutation.

Since then, Duncan has been involved with Xavier's school in both offical and unoffical capacities. Through Bartlet, Duncan arranged for the return of Remy LeBeau, then held at a hospital in St. Louis, to the school. He tipped the X-Men off to a potential robbery by a trio of mutants that his men were not equipped to handle, placed Jennie Stavros in the mansion while pursuing an investigation in Las Vegas, and enlisted their help to stop a mutant thief.

At the request of the American and Canadian government, Duncan arranged for an RCMP officer, Garrison Kane, to work with the FBI as a special agent as a cover for his placement with the X-Men. Duncan has served as an unofficial mentor to the young Mountie on the American law enforcement culture.

As DAD, Duncan in his official capacity has worked with the X-Men during the Infectia investigation, the hostage crisis on Alcatraz, the capture of Sabretooth, the kidnapping of the President's daughters by Magnetic North, and most recently, in bringing down an American Preserver cell. Along with Val Cooper at the Secret Service, and David Langstrom at the Central Intelligence Agency, he represents one of the highest ranking mutant specialists in the American government.

Fred Duncan is an amiable personality who is both well respected and liked throughout the police community. Despite his lack of street experience, Duncan has shown his personal bravery in numerous occasions, and his easy going manner always earns him a great deal of local cooperation. Duncan has managed to sidestep a great deal of the traditional interagency feuding traditional between the FBI, CIA, and the Service, often exchanging notes unofficially with both other specialists.

He is a tragically optimistic Chicago Cubs fan.