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Moment of Awesome - Charles Xavier: As he and Legion seek to help Phoenix rebuild her mind after a psychic assault, Professor Xavier encounters a fragment of her mind, the teenager he once taught.


"Yes, it is wrong," he agreed. "And I need your help to make it right, Jean. I know it is hard, but you have done so very well so far. Will you come with me, just a little further?"

Jean's breathing quickened, so much so that it was readily apparent she was about to start hyperventilating. Overhead, the sky started to rumble, and the whispers around them became almost deafening. "I don't...know if...I can."

"I do." The words were simple, but heavy with his faith in her, his belief in her strength. "I know you can do this, Jean. I'll be right here with you. I'm not going anywhere."

Jean shook her head, her vision blurred with tears. She brushed the tears away but new ones quickly sprang up to take their place. "How...do you...always know...when I don't...even know myself?"

"Because I know you, Jean. Ever since that first day, I've known you are an extraordinary young woman." His expression was fond and he reached over to brush a tear from the tip of her nose. "You are bright and brave and true and I will always believe in you." He squeezed her shoulders. "We can do this. Together."

Jean closed her eyes again, silent for a few moments. Her breathing eventually started to slow until it sounded more normal.

"Together," she repeated. "Okay."

She finally opened her eyes, letting out a breath as she stared up at the mansion, clenching her fists. She glanced over. "If this doesn't work I get to borrow Let it Bleed for a whole month. Just so you know," she said, a hint of a teenage wild streak in her eyes that might've actually been just regular Jean.

"Then it had better work, hadn't it?" Charles replied in the same vein. "Since that is my favourite album." He patted her shoulder and then took the first step towards the gates and the ruined mansion.