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Xavier Institute.

In March 2008 Charles Xavier announced the creation of the Xavier Institute, a foundation dedicated to supporting initiatives that advance genetic integration within society at large. Among the programs it hosts or supports, it includes the existing Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, HeliX, Red X, and a new post-secondary Mutant Studies program run in co-operation with other universities. It would also continue existing relationships with groups such as Elpis and the Snow Valley Memorial Center for Mutant Affairs.

The Institute offers scholarships/grants to those in residence to pursue initiatives designed to improve understanding and harmony between mutants and baseline humans. These include social, cultural, and political programs, and could be initiated by individuals or groups.

One of the programs the Xavier Institute supports is a new collaborative Mutant Studies program run in cooperation with several local universities. This gives college-age residents the mansion the chance to pursue studies at a number of colleges without having to leave the mansion, through a variety of distance education techniques, while at the same time learning from a number of resident experts in the field associated with the school and with Muir Island Research Facility.