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Moment of Awesome - Doreen Green: The Dark Phoenix: In the midst of the greatest battle of their lives, it's the small losses that can sometimes be overlooked.


Doreen and Monkey Joe were knocked back hard by the blast. For a moment Dori just laid where she was. Normally MJ came over to prod her up but there was nothing. She sniffed the air and turned her head towards where MJ's scent was coming from. Her eyes widened, MJ laid on some rubble his back at an odd angle, eerily still. It felt like her heart stopped. Dori didn't have many friends before the mansion and Monkey Joe had been the one constant that had kept her going. He couldn't be...

Doreen scrambled to her hands and knees and crawled over, picking up her friend with shaking hands. There was no mistaking the stillness of death.

"No! No no no! NOOO!" Dori screamed, her throat almost raw, "Wake up, come on, Monkey Joe, wake up! I'll give you anything, just wake up! All the nutella I can buy, anything, please, wake up. Please?!" she sobbed, holding the small squirrel to her chest, tears blurring her vision.

"Wake up. Please wake up."