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April 11

2004: Amanda and Bethany start seeing each other. Nathan has another vision, and handles it a little better, with help.

2005: Nathan gives Manuel a message from Pete, as unwelcome as it might be that Manuel is in no danger from Pete. Cain fills Doug and Marie-Ange in on his status as Charles' step-brother, and his real age. Shiro makes it known that he wants to train for the X-Men, and is accepted as a trainee, and consequentially receives threats from both his girlfriend, Clarice and his sister Leyu to kill him if he ever gets hurt on a mission.

2006: Masque (plot): Forge, Kyle and Jay are attacked in an alley after Jay’s show; they wake up the next day physically altered. Kylun meets his parents for the first time. Alison and Haroun continue saying their goodbyes. Operation: Opening Salvo: Pete goes to Muir to make a proposal to Amanda.

2007: Tommy and John have a surprisingly civil conversation. Operation: Cruel Country: Doug and Marie-Ange, and Amanda and Wanda manage to make it out in various ways; Sarah abandons Remy to die, but then comes back. Terry asks for sunny weather on the 12th, and John lectures her on powers ethics. John has dinner with Lorna and she catches him up on the mansion gossip. Rahne comes across Nathan going through his mother's letters and helps him come to some closure. John meets Julio and it goes less well. Yvette asks Crystal about the incident with Logan. This Savage Land: Forge announces he will be going on the field trip.

2008: Manuel and Yvette meet, vaguely recognising each other. Dr. Samson turns up at the school covered in permanent marker, thanks to one of his young patients, and Clarice is amused. Laurie demands a trip to the zoo and Garrison reminds people of the baseball trip. Remy trains Jubilee le parkour and gives her some life lessons. Kevin emails Laurie to thank her for the meditation lessons in San Diego. Adrienne Frost arrives at the school and is unimpressed with her new suitemate, Terry. Jennie and Manuel talk about Europe and she makes it clear they're friends.

2009: Yvette announces that she will be spending her Spring Break at the West Coast Annex to get a change of scenery after the stresses of the past few weeks. Doreen has a self-defense class with Angelo, panics, and goes feral; meanwhile, Monkey Joe declares squirrel jihad on Marius, who hides out in Fred's room and the two introduce themselves. Kurt and Fred meet and talk about Fred's dog phobia. Jennie posts about Marius's hilarious encounter with Monkey Joe. Forge proposes a night at Harry's for everyone who's returned from the dead at least once. Doreen apologizes to Marius on Monkey Joe's behalf. Remy arrives home late to a dinner with Ororo, and the two have a short argument before Ororo leaves him to his work. On Muir, Jean-Paul brings up the idea of counseling to Nate. Bishop and Manuel have their weekly chess game and discuss women.

2010: Jean-Paul leaves Kevin another story.

2011: Amanda sends Angelo a text, telling him the job went south and Remy's gone. Operation: Sanguinicity: Remy finds himself in an unenviable position, and tries to piece together what went wrong - and what will happen to him. X-Factor Investigation: Cathouse: Vanessa gathers X-Factor together to see who will help her; after the X-Factor meeting, Vanessa runs into Laura and the two talk about Laura's potential role in their case; Crystal calls Vanessa on a direct line to ask about the progress of the case. Amanda and Angelo meet up after Amanda's text, talking about what went down. Doug makes a journal entry about inventing the equivalent of a heavy bag for swords. Amara and Meggan talk in the library, where Amara is studying and Meggan is looking up information on moose.

2012: Angelica is having academic woes as she finds out she'll have to make up for her incomplete classes in England. Sarah V. announces she passed her driving test.

2013: Excelsior East: Marie-Ange hunts Artie down in the sewers and questions are asked about what Artie plans to do next and how he's going to deal with the fallout from his little incident in Atlantic City. Hope emails the non-acting New Mutants about attending the play together. She also emails Korvus, Angel and Catseye to ask about possible transportation.

2014: Topaz goes to ask Catseye about a job and they talk about birth families not being all you could want. Amanda emails Topaz and Clint to let them know Billy’s had enough and to ask Topaz to remove the glamour. Marie-Ange goes to the mansion to apologise to Namor for Wade’s behaviour, and winds up in a pre-cog fit that requires Namor to call Amanda to pick her up.

2015: Laurie and Amanda spend some time reconnecting. Jubilee posts about feeling old. Haller and Rachel finally return from the astral plane, where they've been since the old universe was destroyed. Clarice posts about a dance party in the grad room. Topaz meets Clint outside, and is once again thrown by the appearance of a former friend.

2016: Clint contacts Amanda to let her know he’s worried since he can’t contact Topaz. Are We Ourselves: Phil Coulson provides Clint with an update to the Alaska situation and Hendrickson’s condition, and pays the team in non-traceable Starbucks gift cards; Clint emails his team to let them know what Coulson said and to share the ‘wealth’.


2018: Felicia makes an instagram post about it being Cheese Fondue Day. Maya invites Generation X to Wade’s suite for a fondue party. Angelo announces his engagement to Jean-Phillipe on his journal. Bobbi emails a number of people about a possible tattoo. Bobby reflects he’s been playing a lot of Monster Hunter lately. Warren texts Sue to invite her to a day out for pseudo sibling day.