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April 12

2004: Doug begins work on translating the spell Rack carved into Amanda, as well as getting his ear pierced. Shinobi launches a plot to help Angelo, Jono and Paige sort it out.

2005: Forge speaks to Jamie and Manuel about restarting HeliX. Alex does not take Shiro's news about joining the X-Men well. Jake seeks out Nathan for a break from work, and help with Pete's files, and then in typical Jake fashion, mooches food from another person - in this case, Dani.

2006: Masque (plot): Doug and Marie-Ange encounter the mutant who attacked Jay, Kyle and Forge while out asking questions; Doug is altered as well.

2007: Operation: Cruel Country: Amanda wakes up finally and Angelo is there to take care of her; Scott posts to the staff and team boards about Illyana's mishap, but not about the Ugandan mission; Sarah requests a pick up for herself and Remy and Amanda asks Ororo to go; Mark gets Sofia to a Christian aid station; Pete offers Illyana a job; Pete sends Wanda home to rest. Instead, Wanda joins Medusa and Crystal in redecorating Pietro's room whilst he's out. This Savage Land: Lorna asks Alex to a geological lecture in New York on Saturday.

2008: Angel meets Christopher Summers and puts her foot in it about his 'pronstache'. Lorna receives a mystery gift to a spa for a time after she's moved to California.

2009: Angel talks to Scott about becoming a trainee when she's old enough. Wanda takes Lil shopping for a motorbike. Lil announces the Easter BBQ. Julian checks on Dori after the squirrel escapades of the day before. Kurt brings Cammie some food and they talk about her future and the possibility of her doing her GED. Wanda wishes Jake a happy birthday; Jake is pleased with all his cakes.

2010: Laurie is cheerful on the journals and John objects. Lorna posts about baking lessons and Jan responds.

2011: Lex e-mails Crystal to ask her to go to a World War II airplane museum with him on Friday. Jean leaves a birthday card and some cupcakes for Jake. Amanda texts Jake to wish him a happy birthday. X-Factor Investigation: Cathouse: Vanessa e-mails JP and Bishop to update them on the mission; Laura meets up with Vanessa after her first day undercover in the brothel and gives her an update; Vanessa e-mails Jubilee and Sarah to find more info on one Barry Thistledown; Jubilee updates the others at Snow Valley about X-Factor's request and lets them know Vanessa has volunteered to help find Remy if they need it.

2012: Scott and Angelica do some remedial training in the Danger Room with a game of powers-only squash. Terry supervises Vance's first practice session in the Danger Room and discovers his powers - and that he was in jail for two years.

2013: Kyle pulls Billy aside to talk about his distraction during class - the conversation goes in a direction he wasn't expecting.

2014: Sue and Maddie spend Spring Break at a friend’s house in California.

2015: Kurt catches Topaz sneaking out far too early. Laurie emails Emma and Doug for help with a prosthetic. Doug meets Rachel and Haller early in the morning when they return to the mansion. Haller goes to see Charles and confirm that he is not a threat. Scott is surprised to find Haller waiting for him in his office after. Gabriel and Clint meet again - this time in the mansion. Case File: The Sting: Julian and Sue Storm are attacked in the city, and seek refuge at her apartment - they don't succeed; they escape to Xavier's, and Sue finally opens up about her past. Hope posts about going to Switzerland for a cultural diversity program, and emails Topaz to apologize for leaving. Gabriel posts asking for alcohol. Molly texts Gabriel to ask if he's okay.

2016: Natasha texts Clint to let him know that she knows he had a party without her and that she’s still cruising around getting used to the city. Wanda berates Clint for breaking into her apartment to leave a pile of grilled cheese sandwiches, it rapidly turns into a grilled cheese party. Hope contacts Tandy asking for her help getting a dress like one she saw Kate Middleton wear. Darcy asks for some egg drop soup, Amanda is happy to oblige. Jean-Phillipe posts a flyer he was handed claiming homosexuality killed off the dinosaurs.