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April 13

2004: Betsy visits Sarah and gives her back the memory Kwannon stole. Domino steals Shinobi's car back for him.

2005: Forge and Paige argue on the journals when Paige misinterprets a joke.

2006: Masque (plot): Ororo tries to draw out the attacking mutant, with Logan as backup, but without success.

2007: Medusa comes across Monet avoiding study and is not impressed by the weirdness. Later, Monet fails to hit it off with Tabitha. Angelo and Terry plan Bobby's farewell party. Nathan tells the Elpis staff of an invitation to Hungary for a dedication service to the victims of the bombings. This Savage Land: The kids go to the Conservatory for their field trip, but are abandoned by their guides that evening; the camp is stampeded by dinosaurs, and Forge goes missing. Operation: Cruel Country: Ororo goes to Egypt to retrieve Sarah and Remy and she and Remy discuss the problem of Illyana.

2008: Tabitha apologises for missing Dani's birthday due to tax time. Inez meets Garrison, and is impressed until she finds out he's FBI.

2009: Lil shares her "Zombie" recipe the day after the Zombie Night at Harry's; Forge needs rescue from his expresso machine, which he drunkenly configured into a rail gun the night before; Jay mock-scolds the drinkers of the night before. Manuel asks Wanda and Jean to take care of Valentia while he's away on a trip. Angelo runs into Lil in the gym and they talk about how people keep returning to Xavier's, even after they leave. Marie-Ange and Doug discuss the details of moving in together; Doug proposes a bidding war - respite from the fridge raiding in exchange for his and Marie-Ange's couches, which they are replacing with one.

2010: Kevin leaves a note and a picture for Jean-Paul. Artie comes back from Attilan and gives Dori some comics about Attilani mutant superheroes.

2011: X-Factor Investigation: Cathouse: Jubilee and Sarah meet with Vanessa to give her the low down on Barry Thistledown; Crystal (as Riley) and Jean-Paul are on surveillance duty outside the brothel and see and hear things they don't like; Laura e-mails Vanessa to check in; Vanessa stops by to check in on Annie and Wade. Meggan leaves a broomstick plushie from Fantasia for Amanda as a birthday present. Wade e-mails Meggan to thank her for the gifts she left for him.

2012: Sharon posts a Cat Safety Propaganda video. Vanessa tricks Adrienne into helping with an urgent case that turns out to be a Red Sox game. Terry asks Doug to hack into Vance's police records. Layla is jubilant about not being exhausted from her powers use at the fair. Adrienne emails Amanda about her birthday plans for the next day. Clarice complains about Friday the 13th and asks for a ride home from the hospital as she's too tired to teleport safely.

2013: Matt posts about not being a fan of Hamlet and having a music party. Marius and Sharon run into Molly while playing around in cat form. Molly wants to play too.


2015: Case File: The Sting: Bobbi and Jessica dig their way through the paperwork Sue provided; Lorna, Jessica, and Arthur trail the mark to a warehouse. Quentin and Gabriel meet at the flyer's platform while smoking pot. Marie-Ange meets Quentin and finds him to be different, in a good way. Marie-Ange emails Doug about meeting Quentin and her thoughts on this frankenberrycat version of him. Felicia posts a Instagram picture of a swatch of different black paints. Warren emails Adrienne about his sexual conduct in the X-Factor office, both of them are on good terms again. Doug and Laurie talk about their relationship.

2016: Laurie texts Kyle about seeing him naked, and the two discuss his love life. Jubilee leaves Wanda a pair of grilled cheese shaped earrings. Jessica and Jean spend some time in a queue for milkshake and burgers and get to know one another while they wait. Artie posts complaining about his trip to Portugal. Hope and Jubilee make a deal both are very happy with.

2017: Gabriel rejoices in Spring arriving and men jogging without shirts.

2018: Logan texts Rogue about making plans for the summer. Darcy finds Topaz’ cat Midnight wandering the halls and takes her in.