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April 15

2004: Nathan teaches Marie-Ange some useful meditation exercises. Some of the school's underage students go out drinking, leading to more stringent rules about where they're allowed and not allowed to go. Jubilee's dampener is removed.

2005: Jean's sister meets with her in person after the news that Jean is really alive. Forge and Dani attend Dani's lamaze classes - and then play hooky from them. Rahne and Nate talk about plans for Nate's wedding. Jubilee and Hank talk about Jubilee's good grades.


2007: This Savage Land: The rescue team encounters stampeding triceratops; the field trip finds the exit, thanks to Forge and meets with the rescue team; Kyle, Forge, Mondo and Yvette get the medical aid they need and Yvette asks Jean to arrange appointments with Dr. Samson; the Evolutionaries are arrested; Forge makes a new leg for himself out of bed parts;Pietro makes his report to the team on Wyndham; Laurie and Forge resolve the awkwardness between them; Lorna proposes a shopping trip in Salem Center; Scott praises the students who were on the field trip; Angelo visits his suite mate in the medlab and forbids anyone saying they're bored ever again; Nathan identifies the dinosaurs he was fighting; Monet is glad her little brother is safe; John notes he slept through the whole thing; Forge posts under the influence of painkillers, to the amusement of John; Alex worries about Scott being mad at him for blowing up dinosaurs. Yvette leaves Mondo's birthday present by his bedside in the infirmary. Operation: Cruel Country: Amanda worries about Sofia and Mark, who haven't been heard from yet.

2008: Garrison and Crystal pick up Cessily Kincaid, a new student. Amanda realises she's outed her relationship with Angelo on the journals and tries to arrange a meeting with Manuel before he reads about it. Kevin wonders if anyone would like to go to the Metropolitan Museum with him sometime. Kevin emails Manuel, asking about a comment about someone breaking in and Manuel is vague. Jennie asks Scott if she can not be paired with Marius while they're not getting on, and Scott sternly turns it down. Various party-goers are hungover. Shakespeare Syndrome: The poetic truth-telling spreads, with Laurie, Crystal, Tatiana, Jennie, and Julio all effected; Betsy emails the Xavier's staff, concerned about the poetry. Jay asks Clarice to alter some shirts for his job, and manages to insult her by asking if the X-Men get paid.

2009 Amanda celebrates her birthday on Muir, and receives a number of congratulatory calls and emails. On Grand Cayman, Tabitha watches and admires Manuel with horses. Doreen and Julian head into the city to pick up comics; later Doreen manages to reach an agreement with Callie about Monkey Joe's presence in the room. Dani, Ororo, and Tabitha have dinner and discuss Manuel. Doug makes mention of how long it's been since he picked up comics. Tabitha takes a walk on the beach and Manuel walks her back to her room. Fred meets with Jean about his powers issues.


2011: X-Factor Investigation: Cathouse: Sarah and Vanessa meet up with various contacts to try and trace things back to Barry, then meet up to compare notes; Jubilee checks in on Laura, and they talk about their plans later in the day; Jubilee finds Laura in a moment of weakness, and she helps the other girl to get through it; Laura checks in with Vanessa by e-mail to see if there are any updates. Crystal announces that it's Spring Break at Xavier's on the journals and that she'll be gone for a few weeks. Warren and Bobby meet up and talk business, mostly.

2012: Laurie makes Garrison an early birthday cake and gives him a certificate to the batting cages at The Baseball Center. Jubilee posts a picture of a bunny in a teacup and wishes she could have pets. Lorna makes a note to herself not to leave her taxes until the last minute. Korvus emails Catseye to apologise and offer to spend time with her. Kyle finds himself privy to Sooraya's Danger Room session and they talk about control and violence.

2013: Johnny makes a journal entry asking how the downstairs window got broken. Tandy makes a journal entry about being free from rehearsals and memorizing lines now that the show is over, and is glad to have her afternoons back. Clint texts Maddie and Billy to tell them it’s a movie night. Tandy texts Sue to come to movie night. Billy texts Maddie about his recent kiss.

2014: Namor e-mails Professor Xavier and Haller to express his concerns with how the school instructs newcomers to handle powers-related incidents.

2015: Tabitha mentions that pop musician Alison Blaire seems to have had a meltdown and cancelled her tour. Alison has a powers meltdown in the city and Topaz comes to the rescue. Rachel announces that she is back from the dead and that David is there too, also pleading for a much needed haircut after a disastrous attempt by Angelo. Kevin goes to the medlab for a medical exam and is cleared by Jean. Matt posts about how conversations at work are about regulating fiber intake. Marie-Ange leaves a small sunlamp, wine bottles with herbs and other magical type plants already planted, with a hand-lettered card stating she is the worst roommate and happy belated to birthday to Amanda. Warren texts Felicia asking her to tell him she loved him or something else equally unbelievable. Case File: The Sting: Warren, Lorna and Sue draw out the bad guys and almost they pin Lorna as a mutant, but thanks to Sue the results are negative; the anti-mutant group are arrested for trespass at Worthington Industries. Wade texts Doug with one word: polyamory. Marie-Ange texts Wade asking what he just asked Doug as she heard a loud squeak in the server room. Amanda texts Marie-Ange thanking her for the gift and when did she get so old. Bobby posts about hockey and that the Islanders were robbed of the scoring title. Adrienne leaves a birthday card and a knitted afghan for Amanda. Wade contrives to get Adrienne and North talking again with putt-putt golf and car theft.

2016: Artie emails Marie-Ange and Wade to let them know that he’s ok. Gabriel warns people not to take a job bartending at mountain lodges, no matter what the pay. The Plaguebearers: Garrison receives an email from Fred Duncan alerting him to a possible mutant related situation at Roxxon Corporation; Garrison texts Logan, Sharon and Kitty asking if they’d come with him to Roxxon to investigate the situation; arriving at the scene they find a containment unit, fearing they need to corral the escaped subject Logan calls Julian; Logan, Sharon and Julian venture down through the tunnel in the lab into the sewers, only to discover a researcher from the project with some bad news about their 'subject'; in the meantime Garrison and Kitty examine the footage of the bombing, only to discover things weren’t quite what they thought it was; the team meet Death Adder and find themselves facing off against the people who freed him; during the fight against Death Adder, Julian is fatally injured causing Sharon to have to make a terrible decision; Kitty and Kane join Logan to continue the hunt while Sharon gets Julian to safety; talking to the injured Sikorski it turns out Roxxon was only trying to help, at least this time and the team leaves before the ambulance arrives; retreating from the scene Kane gets a phonecall as Scourge reveals himself to be the villain of the piece. Back at the mansion, Jean puts out a short message alerting everyone to Julian’s status and promising more information later. Cecilia and the medbay staff discuss what to do about Julian and his situation. Tandy sends Sue a message letting her know what happened, Sue promises to find out more info. Garrison emails Scott to let him know that he’s withdrawing from the X-Men for the time being until he figures out the Scourge situation. Scott texts Kitty to check she’s alright after the events in the city.

2017: Maya asks Miles to contact Warren for her about a job. Kyle helps Matt move into his new basement office and talk about his need for an assistant.

2018: Sooraya announces she has finished getting her office together. Doug alerts Wade to the existence of a pie taco.