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August 12 - Alex Summers' birthday



2004: Marie-Ange talks with Nathan about the changes Odin made to her pre-cog. Manuel discusses his relationship woes with Shinobi. Amanda tries to repay her 'debt' to Manuel but he returns the money and asks for some time to think. Betsy buys Eleanor, her sports car. Blaze of Glory: Shiro and Alex go to Japan.

2005: X-Men Mission: Hole in the World: The team goes out to find Siena Blaze, and on the return the jet lands very badly, caught from crashing by Nathan. Lorna and Alex visit her parents on their way to move to Hawaii.

2006: Believing Is Seeing: Ororo talks with the LAPD about sending several people out to help with a case. Scott and Haller have a confrontation; things are broken.

2007: Kurt runs into Scott and lectures him about not taking care of his knee. Doug emails Garrison, Marie and Marie-Ange about the previous night's mission. Crystal meets with Nathan on Attilan.

2008: Scott and Jean discuss family matters as well as Alex's training. Red X Mission: Shake Hands With The Devil: Cessily is having issues with being stared at and Crystal is reassuring.

2009: Tabitha talks to Inez about the New Mutants. Julian and Doreen hone Julian's telekinesis at the quarry and discuss their impending return home. Nathan posts about being released from the infirmary. Atomic Angel: Shiro's sister Leyu manifests in front of Nick and Shiro; Shiro posts to inform the other residents of his sister's manifestation. Cammie and Tabitha plot to post a personal ad for Tabitha on Craigslist. Johnny posts to tell the mansion of the new caution sign on the door to his and Victor's room.

2010: Butterflies and Hurricanes: Tabitha enlists Bobby to come with her to investigate Haven; while Tabitha talks to Haven, pretending to be a mutant in need, Bobby snoops around and finds the missing boy, Derek Barnes, in the basement, who reveals Haven has been using him to 'cure' others by giving him their powers; Haven is arrested by SHIELD and Derek is taken to the mansion. After his breakup with Kevin, Jean-Paul runs into Jake at a cafe and gets some surprisingly good advice about his powers issues.

2011: Wade takes Matt to Walmart for new clothes and then for food. Capital Turpitude: Adrienne risks contacting Emma via a joint email account to warn her about Eulud Pharmacies and to ask for help.

2012: Artie posts to say people should join them on the roof to watch the meteor shower. Emma posts wondering how she missed her own birthday, and talks about the negotiating she had to do to save her company's contracts from being terminated following Genosha. Jubilee posts this picture, saying she's going to make a version of it for herself. Angelo posts saying Alejandra is moving to Cleveland to be with Miguel, who isn't doing well and is going to a hospital there.

2013: Clarice is enthused about the new Lady Gaga and David Bowie albums and asks if anyone is up for going clubbing at Silver.



2015: Nica has a minor freakout when she realizes that she is rooming with THE Alison Blaire, Laurie replies but comes off as too formal getting Doug and Marie Ange to remind her that’s not normal behavior. Gabriel posts to the journals offering to get people drunk as he experiments with new drinks. Lorna leaves Alex a surf board as a birthday present. Nica and Alex explore the mansion and get help from Domino when they realize they're lost. It’s Greek To Me: Namor texts Clint asking him to help with a project.

2016: Kitty posts about the types of YA books she has been reading. Meggan posts about finishing her bachelor's in Marine Biology. Lorna wishes Alex a happy birthday.

2017: Lorna gives Alex a skateboard, helmet and other gear for his birthday.

2018: Jean-Paul texts Topaz for a ride from the airport. Clarice posts a video of Brendon Urie singing the Ducktales theme song. Morningstar: Miles texts Warren about missing dinner at his parents’.