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August 23



2004: Marie-Ange and Amanda talk whilst Marie-Ange dyes Amanda's hair back to black. Manuel, Doug and Marie-Ange make arrangements for the Asgard party. Angelo tells Clarice what happened between him, Manuel and Amanda. Wanda Maximoff writes to Charles Xavier asking for help.

2005: Angelo identifies some mysterious acronyms in a series of e-mails.

2006: Operation: Body Snatchers: Amanda and Wanda go to a club to investigate mutant disappearances and meet Mark Sheppard.

2007: The Winding Way: Cain gets locked out of the mansion by Amanda's protection spell. Operation: Broken Ground: Amanda texts Angelo about their lack of success in finding anything in Arizona. Paige's birthday and Yvette gives her flowers. While Cain is locked out, Julio proposes indoor Quidditch. Angelo announces his departure to Ireland for Terry and Bobby's wedding.

2008: Time After Time: Scott and Angel are training in the Danger Room when a strange man drops through the ceiling; curious about the visitor who seems to know her, Angel goes to see him in the medlab and discovers he's her husband from a parallel world, seeking a cure for a disease; after talking to Ben, Angel goes to talk to Kyle, needing some normality. Xbalanque: Julio is too injured to move, so half the group goes for help; Terry discovers the body of their attacker from the night before, now in human form; later, when Jane and Monet are tending to Julio, they discover his eyes have changed colour and his wounds have healed faster than they should, but he is running a high fever; Nash, John and Kevin are arrested by the magistrate for the death of the jaguar-man; when night falls, Monet, Jane and Terry find themselves facing Julio, now transformed into a were-jaguar himself; the imprisoned Elpis people are released by a were-jaguar and two guards are killed in the process. Clarice is excited about going back to school. Forge encourages Paige to take the day off for her birthday. Tatiana visits Nathan again, and he makes her realise she doesn't have to do anything for him to care. Callie wishes Cessily a happy birthday. Jan and Bishop talk about their not-dating lives.

2009: Manuel emails Kyle to apologise for the disturbance the night before; Cammie talks to Kurt about what happened; Cammie drags Jake to apologise to Jean-Paul, who isn't impressed; Jake runs into Nathan and gets an odd bout of therapy about the whole incident; Illyana posts a 'picture' of Wanda and Jake and the whole mess comes to light. Concerned about his not-sleeping, Jay is sent to talk to Charles by Amelia and certain suspicions come to the fore; Dani has her own talk with Charles and it comes to light she's been using her powers on Jay whilst sleeping and it's agreed the two should stop sharing a room. Tabitha leaves Manuel a gift for his new position as staff and tries to bury the hatchet. Jane asks about hamsters as pets and sets the toaster oven on fire. Malibu Madness: Julian lets his classmates know when they're leaving.

2010: Jean and Jean-Paul have another meeting, this time in District X, which goes much better than the last. Yvette wishes Paige a happy birthday. Jean-Paul texts Vanessa to check on her after their accident.

2011: Yvette wishes Paige a happy birthday. Kyle posts a gif of "Nontana" and jokes about his bio dad with Wade. Operation: Dasavatharam: Wanda and Amanda discuss protection details and the need to contact other probability manipulators. Adrienne discusses homophobia on the journals.

2012: A Kind of Magic: A radio station comments on the thunderstorms for the third day in a row. Johnny texts Maddie which she reveals that Rachel died in Genosha. Vanessa texts Adrienne about who signed her up to stake out a place that gets broken into by someone in a gorilla suit. Vanessa emails Marie-Ange on where to find a gorilla costume that is combat-friendly. Maddie goes to ask Garrison about teaching zombie survival. Johnny and Matt get together in the gym and Johnny introduces Matt to parkour. Tandy startles Johnny in the rec room and the two chat.

2013: No Way Back: Hope makes an interesting discovery about an old friend. Clint e-mails all the New Mutants inquiring whether they’re interested in the Red X program.

2014: Rogue and Kurt talk and have a sibling moment.


2015: Angel texts Clint about wanting fishies and later on texts Kyle about making out with Clint. Wade texts Logan about needing alcohol. Angel finally goes to check out Julian's club, and the two talk about how weird their lives are.

2016: Maya makes a post about cheerleader camp being kind of awesome.

2017: Green-Eyed Monster: Callisto approaches Bobbi to ask for help with a mutant shoplifter who got seriously ill after stealing a handful of “lucky charms” from a store.