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August 31 - John Allerdyce's birthday


2003: X-Men Mission: Pyro: Scott finds Marie and brings her home - she is disoriented after absorbing Stanley as they fell into a basement level at the base; Stanley is dead and Marie now has his powers of flight, invulnerability and super-strength. Emma and her group attend a Hellfire Club function and discover Sebastian Shaw is connected with the Sentinel program and bring back schematics and files.

2004: Manuel and Nathan have their first lesson since Trojan Horse and it goes phenomenally badly. Amanda confesses to Pete and Moira that she's using again and asks for help. Angelo talks to Jubilee about killing. Kitty returns from Chicago. Lorna arranges training with Nathan. Shiro apologises to Jean-Paul for making him sick. GW recalls Domino back to the Pack.

2005: Maverick (plot): David North suddenly has a rush of memories, leading him to a strange man he knows as Omega Red.

2006: Remy and Lorna break up.

2007: The Winding Way: Amanda, trapped in Margali's ailing body, waits whilst the others look for Margali.

2008: Jubilee announces her own return Razor's Edge: The Elpis group (and guests) arrive in Kosovo. Julio emails Amanda to ask for a magical check-up in light of his recent cursing. Marie-Ange gets back and Doug worries about her state of mind. Nathan gets a laptop in his infirmary bed.

2009: Emma emails Jake to advise him not to put his colleagues in danger again. Doreen and Victor discuss Dori's interest in writing and commiserate over being obvious mutants. Amanda goes through the floor while Morgan is helping her carry books out of the Snow Valley library and ends up in Bangkok; Wanda fills Morgan in on Amanda's recent tendency at disappearing. Amanda posts to the Snow Valley comm informing her colleagues that her powers have been causing her to teleport to random cities but that it is nothing to worry about. Victor and Jean-Paul talk about the discrimination Victor encountered being detained at the airport to Malibu; Jake finds Jean-Paul while delivering an apology note to his apartment; Jean-Paul apologizes for his reaction during their break-up which led to Cammie's actions against Jake and they agree to try and be friends. Amara and Tabitha get drunk and visit the kitchen searching for ice-cream and discuss laking Manuel before Lex arrives and tries out his social skills.

2010: Nico emails Julian about Tabitha overhearing them. Betsy emails various people to let them know she is going back to England to help care for her mentally ill brother Jamie. Garrison visits X-Factor after work and gets steak cooked by Vanessa. New Orleans: The Pontchartrain Strain: Marie-Ange gets involved in the torture of a man following an attack on the head of the New Orleans Guilds|Forger's Guild, the man Marie-Ange's visions have centered on.

2011: Sam Guthrie posts about his return to the mansion. Nico announces she's going to try and find a Get Rich Quick spell. Amanda makes a post wishing John a happy birthday. Christian's Angels: The new motley crew of X-Men, X-Force, a Morlock, a SHIELD agent and Knightwing Restorations infiltrate a party in search of information.

2012: Hope texts Maddie and Tandy looking for moral support after a phone call with her mother. Adrienne emails Layla about starting training on Layla’s causality. Kyle goes to Laurie for help re-setting his broken fingers.

2013: No Way Back: Jean arrives at the Abbott residence to talk things out with Hope's parents and convince them to let her return to Xavier's.

2014: New Mutants: Scribblenauts - Topaz finds Pixie setting up her booth, becomes her first customer, and helps her finish setting up; Artie meets a fellow classmate while working on his booth; Ty outeats Kyle, and Namor generally disapproves; when things go to hell, Artie becomes the voice of reason among bigots; Hope and Molly are attacked, but thankfully Molly's hat survives; Angel, Kyle, and Namor set to work trying to gather the students, which doesn't go well; Johnny S. tries to play hero when things go bad, and Sue is unhappy with his antics; Matt and Tandy end up pulled into a painting, and have to fight their way out; Topaz and Pixie find Artie, and have to think fast to keep from being eaten by a chalk monster; Ty's powers react weirdly to a painting, which is good for Kyle's sake; Hope and Topaz find Ishmael (whose powers are out of control), and Hope takes over first aid for him while Topaz tries to run crowd control; Molly, Sue, and Johnny S. fight their way through art; Matt and Tandy get creative while trying to get home; in the aftermath, Angel plays nice with her EMT and firefighter buddies while Pixie and Artie lie to the police to make sure no one is blamed for this; Angel posts to let people know that the art exhibition got a little crazy and she is trying to write up a report. Topaz ends up down in the Box after burning out her shields and finds herself rooming with Jean.


2015: Felicia and Kevin catch up during work. Alison lets Tabby that she is glad she was able to come to the VMA party. Maya asks what to do when one is grounded. Miles posts this picture of Niki M. with her thoughts about Miley at the VMA. Tabitha posts about how she took a lunch break and went to a bookstore to purchase a book by E.L. James and how it will be an insight into grown-up lives. Logan posts about how some people can’t get drunk because of healing factors and asks if medical personnel could fix that. Adrienne emails Amanda, Tandy, Felicia, Rogue, Marie-Ange, Cecilia, Emma, Bobbi, Jessica, Sue, Lorna, Jean and Wanda about having a spa day this coming Saturday. Sue emails Doug and Domino about helping her get any videos of the incident in Rapid City taken down from the web. Clea Lake posts about her and Sebastian Druid and Stephen Strange's arrival at the mansion. Hope emails Topaz about how Stephen Strange is now a student just to give her a heads up. Felicia posts an instagram post of the moon during her nightly run through the forest.

2016: Amanda tells people it’s John’s birthday and they should shower him with love, once they’ve worked out which one he is.

2017: Gabriel has a crisis of faith at the talk of Hel and emails Wade and Marie-Ange.

2018: Gabriel texts Felicia about Wade leaving money for him. Alex ponders a motorized skateboard.

2019: An Eye for an Eye: The Denver Airport weirdness seems to have come to a head when the entire place goes dark, prompting Topaz to share the news with Amanda and Marie-Ange; A team of magic users and nearly-magic users arrive at the airport and determine there is definitely some magical shenanigans at work when they find cultists; Things quickly take a turn when Topaz disappears and the team fights the cultists waiting for them; Something much worse greets Topaz as she is brought back to London and face-to-face with Adam Destine, who has plans for her; News following the DIA's three hour block finally breaks, with no possible leads to the cause; Topaz and Amanda talk over what happened and why Amanda didn't tell Topaz about the ward protecting her.