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December 10th

2003: Sarah sees Charles Xavier and arrangements are made for her to train with Logan instead of Grey Crow. Pete and Brian Braddock find Emma making her own escape from Shaw's asylum in Paris, with some help.

2004: Madelyn drags Manuel out for coffee. Remy's Eleven: After breaking the poker bank, Doug and Nathan support Forge as he finds a way to tap into the system.

2005: Haroun runs into Nathan, who has Rachel in tow - or maybe it's the other way around. Either way, the conversation doesn't go too much better this time, although at least there's less yelling.

2006: Pete is cheerful about the death of Pinochet, much to the confusion and amusement of the Snow Valley staff. Nathan and Angelo get philosophical in Oman. Kurt explains to Yvette that people are not angry at her. Jean goes to check on Haller. Haller checks on Crystal.

2007: Nathan takes Angelo's comms shift due to having to haul him home from Harry's the night before; Angelo is suitably hungover, and unresponsive when Amanda asks him what the drinking was about; after talking to Marie-Ange, Amanda is determined to disprove Irene's prophecy for Angelo; Marie-Ange emails Angelo's friends to appraise them on the situation from her perspective. At the mansion, Amanda's bad mood is relieved by a flight with Angel. Jishin Da!: The field trip comes home; Julio is disconcerted to find his father wants to visit to check on him. Laurie is random. Angelo and Monet chat and Monet finds herself interested in Elpis.

2008: Monet zones out in class during an exam. Morgan tells Manuel what she did assuming his form and he's less than impressed. The Magnificent Seven: Nathan asks Marius about what he telepathically did to one of the Taygetos operatives, as his conditioning was broken. Laurie teases Morgan about cuddling Manuel on the couch when they were powers-sharing. Manuel apologises to Jean-Paul for the scene the day before. Lillian Crawley-Jeffries arrives at the school from Canada, sent by Alpha Flight for training and introduces herself on the journals. Crystal delivers take out to Forge with instructions to eat. Shamu escapes temporarily and Jan remarks on it. Crystal emails Terry about an Idea. Doug reports on his vegetarianism and of having apartments cleaned. Karolina teaches Julian how to make vegan hot chocolate.

2009: Angel moves into a senior suite with Catseye; Yvette shares with Meggan. Amanda and Vanessa discuss the non-possibility of a relationship while on a stake out. Julian sees Manuel about a job and they negotiate about what he might be doing. Callie gets an email of acceptance from Columbia University for 2014.


2011: Molly rescues Marius from a nasty fall off the roof during Christmas decorating; Marius posts to his journal to let Kyle know the damage is taken care of, spawning a giant thread about his old eating habits, rugby-induced brain damage, various study habits and why you should never ask Marius to do anything involving ladders. Bishop and Scott resume their training sessions. Amara emails Tabitha about getting the New Mutants involved in the soup kitchen idea. Warren and Scott have a beer after a Danger Room session and catch up.

2012: Johnny talks to Scott about joining the team; Johnny posts to x_team, announcing his trainee status and asking for a code name. Sooraya and Jennie meet and catch up.

2013: Amanda finds Topaz's lost book, and drops by to return it.

2014: Ty posts, jubilant about finishing his shopping and about how the almost-famous guy (Arthur) isn't actually dead. Rogue posts about an ugly bad guy in her head. Rogue texts Scott asking if he wants to shoot stuff with her. Angel brings Arthur food and welcomes him to Xavier's. Jubilee and Kurt get cute while convalescing from being shot.

2015: Ausente sin Culpa ni Presente sin Disculpa: Cecilia posts to let the med lab know she's leaving. Logan texts Wade about the new Sabretooth. Little Paper Dolls: Marie-Ange has a vision while with Doug, and they report it to Emma.

2016: Laurie makes a journal entry sharing a Christmas memory with her grandfather, and asking people for their favourite Christmas memories. Ev and Wanda plan to catch up over dinner, but conversation ends up more intense and personal than intended.