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February 11

2004: Alison tricks Bobby into starting therapy. Angelo also begins his sessions.

2005: Amanda and Dani clash over Manny. Amanda sees Morgan and they both realize each other was at Columbia; explanations of a sort are given. Lorna runs into Manuel in the music room and some small steps are taken.

2006: Angelo and Haller meet on the smokers' porch and have a completely non-traumatic conversation. Nathan has trouble putting together the big picture. Jay makes his displeasure with Sam very clear. Lorna has some trouble with small-minded college students. Scott puts himself back on active status.

2007: Alex emails Marie about her double date with Lorna, asking who Lorna is seeing. Haller grovels to Betsy for outing them. The ice-climbers return, unmarked by the field trip curse. Red X Mission: Whiteout: Ororo feels the onset of a severe blizzard in Kansas City; a state of emergency is called and Red X is mobilised; Pietro manages to talk Val Cooper into letting him go. Marie emails Lorna, telling her Alex has taken the 'bait', but Lorna tells her there was no bait to be taken and goes to talk to Alex to clarify this. Kaiten: Angelo announces he is going to be leaving for an Elpis trip to Burma with Domino. Logan and Nathan manage a friendly chat.

2008: Angel has insomnia. Kurt returns from Germany. Yvette announces she is going home for a break. Amanda emails Angelo and Kurt before announcing a trip to Muir and then London. Kyle asks Cain about becoming his assistant. The Shadow King (plot): Cain is confused about what has gone on; Jim emails Lorna about desperately needing food; Nathan emails Cain and gets a less-than-friendly response; Jean encounters the wreckage of her wardrobe and is comforted/supported by Scott; Kurt goes to check on Wanda and meets a powerless Dr. Stephen Strange; the two men upset Wanda and flee to the pub. Nathan meets with Jane in the Elpis offices and discovers an aversion to telepathy; Rahne is relieved everyone is okay and thanks various people for help in the Elpis office whilst Nathan was incapacitated; Betsy apologises; Charles thanks the students for their level heads.

2009: Amara emails Adrienne, asking for fashion advice for the Silver night out. Lil asks for investors for the T-Shirt Hell closure. Kyle emails Forge from Japan about having his Valentine's Day plans finalised already. Lil and Forge meet in the garage, get off on the wrong foot and then start over. Jean-Paul and Sam talk family. Wanda and Lil meet and bond over tall women's shoes. Cammie asks about thrift stores for clothes. Angelo takes Amanda out to dinner - to Jean-Paul's restaurant in Montreal, where they eat with the owner. Callie and Cammie have an awkward conversation over laundry. Scott encounters Cammie drooling over his bike and they chat. Omikami no Isan: The X-Men are ambushed by ninjas and the three people they're guarding taken; tracking the Hand down, the X-Men manage to rescue two of the three guardians, but one is killed. Scott talks to Jean-Paul about things when he gets back and gets the news about Nathan's 'consulting job' with SHIELD.

2010: Call of the Wild: Nick wakes up in medlab and finds he has Julian as a temporary roommate; Kevin later brings Nick some comfort food and Crystal checks on Nick's physical and emotional state; Lex posts to the staff community noting that they found Nick, and then to the team community to let them know about the Purifiers; Nick gets a visit from Kurt, and after a little talk, gets an offer of adoption. Laurie and Hank meet over lunch and discuss summer intern work. Warren finds Jay in the middle of a nightmare, when it gets out of hand, it's up to John and Lex to lend a hand. Kurt talks to Catseye in the medlab, and lets her in on a secret.

2011: Jubilee writes about wanting to stay in on a Friday but ends up agreeing to go for drinks with Wade. Kevin meets up with Hank to find out the results of his tests. After a night out with Amanda, Vanessa takes the day off from work and heads to the mansion to exploit the gym and the pool and discovers a badly bruised Wade. Dori introduces Monkey Joe to the new coffee machine. Tabitha invites Cammie out for the night and they head to the bar. Lex tries to make up for the other night and smooth things over with Vanessa but it blows up in his face in unexpected ways. In the aftermath of what happened between Vanessa and Lex earlier that night, Vanessa comes to Jean to see if her friend will come with her to drink the pain away. Vanessa sends Jean-Paul a text message regarding her current alcoholic tendencies. Kevin and Jean-Paul have breakfast, discuss their last week or so, and talk about Kevin's non-platonic thing with Laura. Doug runs into Artie in New York and gives him some advice on not-so-legal applications of his powers.

2012: London to Ladysmith via Pretoria: Garrison announces to the x_team journal that Phillip and Jenny disappeared the previous night while under FBI guard. Doug posts a picture of a Venn Diagram produced as a result of a boring day in the office.


2014: Kyle posts about someone leaving him “your mom” jokes in Shakespeare. Molly and Namor meet for the first time.

2015: Jubilee shares a thing on her journal. Adri e-mails Rogue for help looking into eVolution and Megan’s previous e-mail about working for her there. Warren texts Scott asking about friends of his interested in coming to Xavier’s. Adrienne enlists Arthur for a little luck in exploring who she can trust in the top levels of her business empire, but soon finds that there are two sides to that coin. Amanda and Rogue meet on the smoker's porch and chat.

2016: Wanda thanks everyone for the birthday reminders, and asks for drinks. Gabriel messages X-Force and reluctantly agrees to go on the ski trip. Warren fires Matt and gives him enough severance pay to open his own practice.

2017: Darcy has a birthday gift delivered to Warren. Ev texts Wanda about having missed their birthdays and them going out.

2018: Cecilia asks for help with Lucky. Clarice shares a music video. Jean shares some nerdy Valentine's jokes.