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February 14 - Valentine's Day


2005: Alex gets his containment suit from Forge. Hellfire and Damnation: After celebrating Valentine's Day, Manuel and Amanda discover a disturbing DVD that was included in a V-Day mystery package which leads to bad things for both of them... and the link starts to make its return.

2006: Terry discovers that she missed taking her birth control for two days, and a pregnancy test comes up positive. But at least it gets her talking to Jay again? Shiro buys Clarice a Hello Kitty plushie for Valentine's Day. Someone distributes roses around the mansion, including a thornless one for Rachel. Haroun gives Alison a Disco Bear called Anathema. Cain's Elementary History class, orchestrated by Catseye, cover his hallway, kitchen and living room in scented paper rose petals.

2007: Kyle introduces his kitten, Shamu Jnr, to the school. Mark and Doug prank the Snow Valley offices with small devices playing only a Fall Out Boy song; Remy points out to Pete how ingenious the devices are; Pete derides 'emo rock'. Nathan announces he is going to Muir Island to give himself time to recover from his pneumonia. Yvette is welcomed as the most recent Elpis volunteer and then later Nathan drives Angelo to the airport for his trip. Marie and Lorna go out. Laurie calls Amanda and asks for Snow Valley to find her father. Homecoming: Terry and Bobby have dinner and discuss Sean's Christmas gift of Cassidy Keep; Bobby decides to go to the Keep to be the caretaker, resigning from the X-Men and they request a meeting with Scott, Ororo and Charles. Amanda and Doug go out for drinks and she inadvertently tells him Garrison and Marie-Ange have stopped dating. Yvette and Angel discuss Red X.

2008: Monet announces her birthday plans for the 15th. Valentine's Day: Forge delivers a large stuffed toy to Crystal and then they are kidnapped by helicopter by Medusa, much to Monet's gossipy glee; Wanda and Kurt plan dinner; Julio gets anonymous chocolates and asks Marius, Forge and Kyle for ideas; Marie emails Lorna and Ororo in a panic about what to wear for her date with Garrison; Jan offers a candy heart drop service; Jean kidnaps Scott for the weekend and he lets their students know classes are cancelled.

2009: Very late after the party at Silver, Vanessa invites Sam over and tells him all about her past as a prelude to becoming 'officially' a couple. Cammie makes a quarantine/bio-hazard sign for her door. Valentia helps Manuel get dressed for the day and they run into Bishop. Callie brings Lil a Valentine's cookie to thank her for dinner. Shiro and Jean-Paul try to escape Valentine's Day by going for pizza, but a power failure and Celine Dion on the radio make things much more Valentine-y than they wanted.

2010: Kevin sends a package to Yvette for Valentine's Day and invites her out. Morgan sends Jean-Paul some heart shaped cookies. Catseye posts about Chinese New Year. Kurt posts announcing his adoption of Nick. Noise and Confusion: Nico, Catseye, Angelica, Yvette and Julian end up at the same resturant on Valentine's Day; the day is interrupted by the appearance of Julian's old friend Simon, intent on killing Julian; Hank later posts to the staff community about the group being arrested; the group cool their heels in a jail cell until Bobby and Hank can retreive them; Simon escapes from the hospital; Beast posts to the X-Men community about Simon, asking for volunteers to track him down; with a trainee each, the X-Men split up to search; Cannonball and Pants on Fire get creative about searching the woods; Beast and Cheetara search the quarry and discuss agility; Wasp and Discharge have a run-in with some townies; Meltdown and Knuckles search a corn maze and get a fright; M and Lazybones find Simon at an abandoned farmhouse and after a fight, manage to subdue him; Nico accosts Julian once he gets back and they work out a mutual attraction and decide to date.

2011: Nico sends an sms to Julian, wishing him a happy Valentine's Day. Wade leaves a variety of cupcakes to Molly, Jean, Wanda, Laurie, Laura, Vanessa, Jubilee, Amanda, Tabitha and Warren in celebration of the Valentine's Day holiday. Jared e-mails Vanessa about seeing her at Harry's, Vanessa is less then receptive. Eamon sends Laurie a flowering Bonsai for V-Day and asks her to meet him Cafe Madeline in Salem at 7pm for a surprise. Vanessa sends cookie bouquets to Wanda, Bishop, Laura, Laurie, Jean-Paul, Doug, Garrison, Jean and Wade and sends an sms to Amanda for V-Day. Jean-Paul sends Vanessa a fruit bouquet for V-Day. Jean-Phillipe posts about being amused by all the V-Day antics. Lex posts about needing help with the Jeep. Kevin leaves flowers for both Yvette and Laura along with a penguin card for Yvette. Doug sms's Vanessa taking back everything nice he ever said about her in revenge for her gift. Meggan manages to pass her driving test and gets her license. Wade sms's Amara about a Bea Arthur marathon on Sunday. Molly leaves glittery handmade Valentine cards to Kyle, Wade, Monet, Julian, Dori, Meggan, Megan, Nico, Kurt, Hank, Angel and Jan. Wade later posts about sporting manly looking sparkles. Kevin visits Jean-Paul and receives the gift of art that has him speechless. Amara posts about finding a rose on her desk. Piotr posts about the art room being covered in sparkles and crafts.

2012: Wade asks an important question - MnMs or jelly beans? Layla delivers several Valentines Day gifts from Doug. Amanda posts asking Nico if the young witch left her the tea chest that was a gift from Doug. Terry posts thanking the Valentines fairy for the alcohol that was her gift. Wade gifts various people with random gifts or cupcakes for Valentines Day. Meggan and Korvus exchange Valentines Day gifts, and also their first kiss. Kyle posts about his Valentines Day gift from Doug, and about sharing it with Dori. Vanessa sends a few Valentines Day gifts. Scott posts about a group project for the students, building a model solar powered car. Adrienne emails Garrison, Laurie and Kyle about their fantasy ball league. Matt thanks the mystery cupcake gifter. Maddie and Artie avoid their homework and head out to see a movie. Layla delivers a metric ton of cookies and cupcakes to people for Valentines Day. Doug posts about the gifts he received, stating today was alright, he guessed. Laurie thanks her mysterious benefactor for the tickets to Anything Goes. She also mentions she's left a lot of cupcakes in the kitchen for everyone. Sooraya emails Monet, concerned about the fighting she heard coming from Monet's room. Lorna mentions the many many pies she made, that are available for everyone. Sarah texts Layla about the cookies and cupcakes she received. Adrienne posts, protesting the amount of baked goods she received. Layla sets up a very cute and romantic surprise for Sarah, and the pair more or less confirm they're a couple. Vanessa texts Adrienne about finding them a trampoline. Nico posts about cookies and conceding this round to Layla. Sooraya and Megan email their thanks to Layla.

2013: Angel posts a notice telling the New Mutants that their volunteer time at the clinic has been rescheduled to the 23rd, the kids aren’t too pleased with the idea of leaving the mansion again. Artie packs up his room and leaves messages for Wade, Molly and David telling them what he’s discovered and that he needs to go and wrap his head around it for a while. Artie posts up a notice on his journal telling everyone the news and announcing his departure. Tandy texts Adrienne asking for clarifications on whether or not she should go looking for her chocolate treats. Scott posts a notice telling everyone that he and Jean were taking the night off and asking that they only be contacted in case of an emergency.

2014: Yvette wakes up in Fred's bed and they talk about important life changes. Sharon and Namor flirt in the indoor pool. Maddie texts Clint a poem. Cecilia leaves Wade two bottles of Famille Perrin and a note about a scratch on his car. Wade text Cecilia about which car it was. Lorna post about homemade hot chocolate and cookies in the kitchen. The Professor announces that today is a official Snow Day. Yvette posts about wanting to try snow sculpting. Clint leaves a bouquet of fruit for Ceclia for calling her old. Cecilia goes to check on Matt. Cecilia posts about her room being glitter bombed. Cammie leaves a phone posts. Cammie texts Tabitha about bar hopping tonight. Molly leaves Valentine Cards for everyone at the mansion. Sue and Maddie celebrate Valentine's day. Cecilia and Namor plan a sparkly revenge against the one that glitter bombed them.

2015: Sooraya makes a post to xp_teams about X-Corps and the currently difficult circumstances in offering humanitarian aid. Scott shows Miles and Matt around the mansion, and they’re sold pretty quickly. Gabriel makes a journal entry stating it’s just another day and he’s fine. Roxy posts .mp4s of cover songs she’s performed for Valentine’s Day. Jubilee drops some truth on how to be a successful human being. Jubes e-mails Cammie to apologize for getting weird and stalky with her.

2016: Ty posts about his five dozen heart-shaped doughnuts. Quentin anonymously gives Jean a teddy bear and some chocolates; Jean posts wondering who gave it to her. Clint catches Matt in the gym, and they discuss Matt’s recent unemployment and steps to go from there. After Maya wakes up in the medlab, unimpressed to no longer be in Askew World, Topaz tries to handle it. Felicia posts to Instagram a picture of a ski lift as proof that she actually did go outside. Cecilia texts Jean-Paul about their lunch plans, since it’s Valentine’s Day and all. Gabriel posts about the Valentine’s decorations at the ski lodge; to help with his snowburn, Marie-Ange takes Wade to a spa; later, he and Kevin talk about X-Force's future direction. Cecilia and Jean-Paul go out for lunch, and try to get as much free stuff as they can by pretending to get engaged.

2017: Sooraya asks Jean-Phillipe for help with a newly manifested electrokinetic she met via the Mutant Underground. Amanda provides a romance-free zone in her suite for Valentine’s Day refugees.

2018: Kyle posts wanting a Palentine’s Day. Amanda and Topaz run into each other in the kitchen; it’s not friendly and very awkward. Gabriel texts Kevin for a ride home and winds up having drinks and very frank conversation with him.