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February 15

2004: Something Wicked: Kwannon and Manuel psychically manipulate Marie-Ange into sleeping with Remy. Angelo is released from medlab.

2005: Colin MacInnis tells Nate the extent of the damage he had done after his family was killed. Doug offers to become the "Oracle" for the X-Men, Scott receives it well.

2006: Nathan hands his research on Gideon Faraday to Val Cooper, and is told that if he wants her to be able to act on it, he has to drop his own lawsuit. Later, he goes flying with Haroun and clears his head a little. Jamie and Haller have a long and somewhat rambly conversation, in which Haller fails to be broken, and find that they generally get along.

2007: Kaiten: Angelo meets with the Pack in Tel Aviv. Mark mourns his co-workers' lack of humour. Pietro and Marie discuss Magneto's kidnapping of her. Jean trains with Jack, and things get nasty; later, Jim apologises to Jean for what was said. Homecoming: Bobby and Terry meet with Scott and discuss their plans.

2008: Monet and Nathan talk about what happened when he was psychotic. Rahne returns from her overnight date. Sarah is gleeful about half-price candy day. Twisted Sister: Tabitha encounters two of the Stepford Cuckoos having an argument in the library, and is confused when Nathan calls one "Mindee". Jane asks opinions on her next surname. Marie-Ange plays World of Warcraft with Doug as a Valentine's gift.

2009: Monet describes her Valentine's Day and announces she needs cake for her birthday. Logan and Jean-Paul meet up and talk Alpha Flight history. Callie offers her leftover Valentine's cookies to all. Adrienne talks to Clarice about her fashion design interests. Wanda announces a birthday party for herself the next weekend. Jean-Paul picks up Nathan from the airport and during conversation later confesses his attraction to Shiro.

2010: John and Bobby have a late night talk that doesn't really achieve much beyond more animosity; Jean-Paul comes across a brooding John and they seek distraction from their problems in the time-honoured way. Laura asks how everyone's Valentine's Day went. Adrienne and Vanessa go over potential careers for the former mercenary now she's left the Trenchcoats. Angel comes across Julian contemplating leaving to take care of MacPhearson on his own and thwaps sense into him. A typical interaction with Catseye at the Elpis office tries John's patience.

2011: Kyle and Julian spar, neither coming out of it unscathed. Molly posts a happy birthday message for Monet. Molly apologises to Piotr for using all the glitter and promises him a card. Lex e-mails Vanessa asking if she really had to pay him back for his gift. Jean-Paul sms's Vanessa about Lex, and then kidnaps her for nachos. Warren visits the X-Factor offices and talks to Vanessa, which later leads to dinner, flirting and an unexpected hook-up. Monet drags Amara out of the Elpis office for coffee, and the two girls chat. Jean-Phillipe notes Laurie's happy demeanor after a night spent with Eamon and questions her on her language skills. Laurie posts about the fact that Eamon has taken a job in New York and will be around for awhile. Arriving at Tante's place, Amanda and Nico make their presence felt. Tante is... Tante. Cammie meets Wade and sparring happens after the taunting.

2012: Yvette catches Artie using his powers to 'help' him with a test. Artie contacts Marie-Ange about developing his ability to learn what is on the pages he sees. David texts Vanessa, thanking her for the little blue pills that were her Valentines Day gift to him. Scott emails Layla with his thanks for the cookies. Scott posts, thanking his mysterious benefactor and states he'll be in the garage, working on his bike. Jean posts, thanking everyone for the Valentines Day gifts. Kyle comes across Sooraya training her powers in the Danger Room and they talk about control and hurting people by accident.

2013: Kurt and Jubilee spend some comfortable time alone and he admits that he loves her. Jubilee goes to Kyle asking for help understanding how to act after Kurt tells her he loves her. Angel e-mail Angelo asking him for help chaperoning the New Mutant’s trip. Lorna informs people that she’s heading home on the 23rd and asking for someone to cover her classes for a week. Tropic of Capricorn: Garrison and Adrienne run into a storm as they’re sailing the South Seas and the ship goes down. Garrison and Adrienne take stock of their situation after the storm and realize their predicament is dire, so they decide to build a raft and try their luck at reaching land.


2015: Julian texts Angelica seeking a professional super-heroing opinion vis-a-vis his headache. Warren and Cece talk in the morning after having slept together following a Valentine's Day evening group outing. Into The Fog: Amanda posts to xp_teams about a new job that will take them en route to Reykjavik. Matt and Clint snipe back and forth, drink, eat Indian food, and, oh yeah, discuss this whole mutant school thing. While taking a look at the Medlab after hours, Jean runs into Rogue.

2016: Clint texts Natasha about forgetting Valentine's Day. Miles posts about the joy of 3-day weekends. Sue tells Reed to introduce himself to the mansion's residents. Warren gives belated V-Day gifts to Sue, Lorna, Bobbi, Jean and Felicia. Then, Warren and Clint text about Matt — which leads to Warren sending Clint a real estate contract. Clint asks Matt look it over.

2017: Fourteen thanks Warren for his ‘donation’. Fourteen emails Jubilee to ask her to meet about something they need to confess to her. Clarice wonders if anyone else is obsessed by Halsey. Johnny resurfaces on the journals to talk about the joys of half-price candy after Valentine’s Day.

2018: Wade texts Doug and Marie-Ange about upping security at Snow Valley with their new receptionist. Jean-Paul texts Topaz a picture he took in the mountains.