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February 22

2004: Jamie holds a mixer between HeliX and the local teen population.

2005: Forge and Nate talk, with Forge handing over a folder that holds the plans to things he never wants to build and an idea to build a TK enhancer comes about. Wanda and Scott discuss Pietro and the fact that her power might be able to affect other mutations and that she falls off the telepathic radar. Moira discovers that Amanda's brain is demanding a break from powers usage, with minor brain damage being caused by the spell for Jay.

2006: Haroun tries out a new sparring style on Alison. Lorna goes on with life in Hawaii, and finds herself starting to doubt her relationship with Alex. In California, on a visit to Berkeley, she finally realizes that she's fallen out of love. Forge is asked for three letters of recommendation for his college scholarship and panics slightly. Haroun invites anyone not going out of the mansion that weekend to watch the new Pride FC PPV with him. Marius goes clubbing with Manuel and Jennie and manages to lose his shirt - literally.

2007: Shiro and Scott spar and discuss Shiro's relationship with Alex. Kaiten: Angelo overhears Vasily's brother yelling at Nathan, and there's a fight; Medusa encounters Nathan afterwards; Jennie posts about being tired of hearing about the the bombings and causes an uproar; Angelo ends up comforting Amanda after she visits Vasily. Yvette meets Dani in the kitchen.

2008: Yvette arrives back at the mansion and receives a gift from Forge to apologise for the hologram incident, a pair of headphones she can't damage; Yvette runs into Kevin and gets some answers to some rather personal questions. Aureus Canis: Jennie, sent to approach a girl from her ballet class about potential powers help, finds herself turned into a dog; Jennie flees and runs into Marius and Forge, who rescue her from Animal Control; Forge announces Jennie's condition on the journals and creates an uproar; Jean asks the resident telepaths to help Jennie communicate; Scott clarifies the situation on the team comm. Angel asks Jean for a meeting. These Earthly Things: Forge also mentions an anti-mutant protest outside the mutant drop-in center and Amanda focusses on it as a potential source of the prophecy Angelo had found. Amanda and Ororo share tea and gossip. Mark meets Jubilee at Silver. Angel meets with Jean about her psi issues in the wake of the Shadow King incident.

2009: Wanda has her birthday party at Finnegans. Cammie is bored. Scorpion and Fox: Scott briefs a team to the Nimrod threat and has a rather tense discussion with Kurt about his issues with Mystique; scoping out the FOH rally, Scott and Zanne find a dead body, proof something is going on; Kurt encounters Mystique, who tells him the FoH have kidnapped a mutant child and she needs his help; Kurt has a brief argument with Peter Lakatos and leaves his post to help the child; Kurt discovers Mystique lied to him, that the child is the son of a prominent anti-mutant politician, and 'ports him and his mother to the nearest police station out of harm's way; Scott and Zanne run down Nimrod but fare badly as Lakatos manages to stop Nimrod killing Scott; Kurt 'ports back just in time to face down Mystique, who uses Scott as a shield to get away; Forge makes the report that Nimrod and Mystique escaped and Scott, Zanne and Lakatos are all injured. Scott is woozy and second-guesses himself later, being treated by Jean; Forge congratulates Kurt on getting over his mother issues. Adrienne and Lil discuss anniversaries.

2010: Angelo comes across Nico studying a magic text with a bowl of ice cream and reveals a few more things about Nico's mentor she wasn't aware of. Adrienne is envious of the Olympic ice dancers.

2011: Tabitha emails Wade to thank him for the flowers. Vanessa drops by to visit Wade and winds up realising she is attracted to him. Vanessa complains on the X-Factor comm about the case left for her involving a dead poodle and a battling husband and wife. Jean-Phillipe reminds everyone the bus run is going on. Vanessa wonders if maraschino cherries are as sweet as they look, not having a sweet tooth. Tabitha has a breakthrough in the Danger Room, with Jean-Paul's help. Doug asks Vanessa and Tabitha for a place to crash, having come home to find Marie-Ange collecting her stuff from the apartment.


2013: Kurt finds Topaz on a late-night walk - and learns a little more about the girl then she means for him to. Wade texts Doug about Reese eggs. Adrienne brings Garrison breakfast so they can talk about what happened at Avalon, as well as fantasy baseball wagers that involve unicorn costumes. Adrienne texts Jean talking with Garrison worked. Jean does Fred a favor with something he's been wanting to do and goes with him when he gets a tattoo.

2014: Cecilia and Wade discuss Honduran politics while Wade cooks steak. While playing video games Clint and Namor discuss Namor’s powers. Sam and Tabby finally go out on a formal date.

2015: Warren texts Adrienne to tell her he’s back from his business trip. Miles takes Roxy on a date, except she doesn't know it's a date and he doesn’t know she’s a lesbian. Bobby cheers up Miles after the latter's embarrassing day out. Warren and Jean run into one another on the roof and they reconcile.

2016: Sue runs into Reed on her way for an early-morning surf and he invites himself along. Megan shares her fashion design class homework. A freaked-out Rahne talks to Sooraya about her powers development in the Askew World.

2017: Sharon congratulates her first aid class for passing their assessment exam.

2018: Clea makes a journal entry asking for help with cosplay ideas, and with how to use power tools. Jean-Paul texts a picture to Topaz from his location in Norway. Clint helps Gabriel with his GED studies and things get a bit off track.