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February 7


2005: Hank and Alex adopt each other. Nate stops by to talk to Manuel about Dani's training. Maddie and Nate argue and discuss Mistra. Hank offers Dani a job. Manuel and Dani train

2006: Jim and Dani work on her powers in his office, with some progress - but Dani is already in more control than she thinks. Cain hears about Terry's hangover and calls her to the boathouse for a little intervention of his own. Forge completes Scott's prosthetic eye, asks Kyle if the underage drinker he was talking about was Terry, and passes on an invitation from Catseye's brother to go to a movie. Cain lets Terry know he knows she broke curfew, and calls her in to talk about it. Jamie has questions about past team missions.

2007: Early in the morning, Marie collects a very drunk Garrison from the front door after the Secret Service takes him out for thank you drinks; several hours later Crystal comes across a hungover Garrison making breakfast. Later, Garrison posts about being poisoned by ninjas, not hungover. Garrison is given two weeks' stress leave from the FBI. Garrison apologises to Nathan about calling him a merc during the mission the day before. Angelo and Nathan discuss the mission and Logan. Nathan and Ororo discuss him being called a merc. Wanda covers a class for Medusa's professor, which Medusa appreciates.

2008: The Shadow King (plot): Jack and Jeannie, the sanest of the insane psis, run into each other; Nathan wakes up, and Moira manages to calm him marginally; Amanda is sleep deprived from research; X-Force's occult branch works out a way to find further information, by sending Illyana into the astral plane; Illyana discovers a link to Farouk and X-Force scrambles to go to Madripoor and deal with him; Wanda lets Scott know what is going on; Ororo checks on Jeannie; Nathan and Jack aren't sleeping; Jack posts to the journals letting the school know he's not able to be the counsellor for the time being and Betsy responds in suitably insane fashion. Marius provides food and gossip to the injured Monet, and the siblings apologise for things said in anger.

2009: Walking Ghosts: Sleeping at the boathouse, Jean-Paul experiences one of Nathan's nightmares and Nathan is angry when pressed to talk about it and throws him out; Angelo and Jean-Paul conspire to not leave Nathan to sleep alone; Nathan is less than impressed that Angelo will be sleeping on the couch. Jubilee announces she's off on a trip. The Orchid: On the plane back, Jean and Scott discuss the ethical murkiness of leaving Robert Haverford in the jungle but decide there wasn't anything else to do. Angelo gives Manuel the information found on Valentia in Spain. Bishop and Lil talk about her issues about relationships after a shopping trip; Lil sends Valentia a Chicken Dance Elmo. Wanda announces a Sunday dinner for all of X-Force. Adrienne leaves Lil a t-shirt. Morgan lets the self-defence class know she's leaving. Scott and Jean-Paul compare weeks. Lil and Amara share a bottle of wine and girl talk. Morgan runs into Logan and winds up losing a sparring session.

2010: Julian emails Emma with his resume, pointing out that he is now unemployed after Manuel's return to Spain and asking for a job at Frost Enterprises. Crystal posts about her birthday and invites people to Harry's for Superbowl. John takes Amanda out for lunch and later visits Jean-Paul at a bad time and helps him repair the damage to his bookshelves.

2011: Jean-Paul has a physical with Hank but doesn't mention the Lykos incident. Crystal writes about turning twenty three in her journal. Dinosaur Bugaloo: Vanessa passes on some info from Bishop regarding Lykos, SHIELD, etc, to members of the X-Factor. Jan wants a Glee marathon and Tabitha wants to hide from it. Megan finds Kevin working on a sculpture in the metal shop and decides to stay for a chat. Kevin meets with Hank to talk about the issues he's facing with his mutation. Amanda gets Nico to go on a trip with her to New Orleans to meet with her old teacher and requests permission from the school. Having nothing to do during the day, Laura complains of boredom and gets some suggestions from Vanessa. Hank sends an email out to Jean and Amelia regarding Kevin's condition. Tabitha sends a text to Cammie regarding Wade's flirtatious behavior. Vanessa sends Amanda a text asking her out for drinks anytime during the week. Wade makes a journal entry to introduce himself and is welcomed by some of the mansion's residents. Kevin meets Wade in the gym and they get to talking about themselves and girls.

2012: London to Ladysmith via Pretoria: Kyle and Angelo take over the second part of Phillip and Jenny's tour; Phillip has a long discussion with Layla about why the mutant situation on Genosha exists as it does; Jenny and Phillip delve further into Genosha with Sooraya and Jean-Phillipe. Sharon texts Angelo to ask him to come with her as she looks for a new car. Sooraya comments on the absence of Bob the skeleton from the lab. Hank e-mails Jean and Amelia about having to cross the Atlantic to tend to a sick William and informs them he has no choice but to ask them to cover for him. Doug makes a journal entry about the appearance of Reese's peanut butter eggs.

2013: Adrienne e-mails Hope, Callie, Tandy, Jean-Phillipe, Marie-Ange, Clarice, Jean, Megan, Wanda, Maddie, Jennie, Sue, and Warren about the upcoming NY Fashion Week to see if any of them would like to accompany her to some of the events.

2014: Fred posts letting everyone know he's the new driving instructor. Maddie posts complaining about not seeing Jamaica's Olympic team in the opening ceremony until almost last. Topaz goes to talk to Fred about driving lessons.

2015: Fox News reports that a Texan Republican Senator’s campaign ad filming was delayed due to the equipment turning into bacon. Yes, bacon; Jennie is hugely amused by the story and discussion turns into breakfast. Gabriel emails Charles for therapy help. Jessica brings champagne and movies to Rogue’s room to see how she’s faring. Clarice gives Roxy a check up.

2016: Felicia emails X-Force about having a weekend away. Everett emails Professor Xavier about visiting the school. Wade posts about wanting to attend one course at university. Something Slender This Way Comes: Miles and Matt look for Ganke.


2018: Natasha checks in with Clint. Topaz and Garrison find themselves drinking together. Clarice rejoices about the return of Queer Eye. Topaz and Maya chat about some Topaz-related journal drama.