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February 8 - Everett Thomas's birthday

2004: Cain moves out to the boathouse. Alison convinces Lorna to start therapy with Doctor Samson.

2005: Marie-Ange is made an official X-Man trainee. Lost and Found: Nate gets an emergency call from Colin MacInnis, whose helicopter that was holding six children has just gone down. On the way to the crash site, the X-Men are informed that a Mistra team is closing in on MacInnis et al. Morgan gives his team and himself a little more leeway as the X-Men park farther away from the crash site than they wanted to be. Mistra arrives ahead of the X-Men and then they clash, several Mistra operatives finding more loopholes. At the end, the X-Men manage to save the children and the operatives find that something is very wrong with their conditioning. Morgan's conditioning is completely gone. Forge gives Kyle the good news of the rescued Mistra children. Jubilee has issues with Maddie going into combat.

2006: Cain recruits Scott to sweep the dorms for contraband, claiming the bad cop role for himself. Angelo and Bobby eat Chinese and talk about how busy Elpis is.

2007: Angelo chats with Sooraya and takes Yvette to his mother's for dinner. Yvette posts about the National Enquirer and Bigfoot.

2008: Crystal emails those she invited to her birthday party, cancelling due to crisis. The Shadow King (plot): Laurie tries to calm Nathan down, but it goes badly; Yvette encounters Jack and they talk about perceptions and growing up; Jeannie and her mother bond; Wanda and Amanda continue to try and find answers, when Illyana drops the bombshell that Farouk is a victim as well; X-Force decides to continue their course of action; Jeannie runs into Betsy and it goes badly.

2009: Laurie updates her trip to do list. Walking Ghosts: Jean-Paul leaves a journal note that he's having to look after a sick friend for a few days and emails Jean, Angelo and Scott to let them know Nathan's taken off; Nathan heads to the Adirondacks for ice-climbing and is intercepted by Jean-Paul half way there; after a day of climbing, Nathan finally tells Jean-Paul what happened on the SHIELD mission - capture by the Taygetos operatives, the death of the SHIELD team and an entire squadron of child operatives gunned down with Nathan to prevent potential contamination by the Trojan Horse program. Laurie asks Forge for a Danger Room evaluation and gets a lecture on being afraid of her powers. Lil needs shoes to go with the dress she plans to wear on a date with Bishop to Silver's reopening. Adrienne admires Lil's new shirt, which she is wearing. Manuel asks Callie to babysit again on Friday. Morgan texts Laurie, asking for furnishing help. Jubilee has a solo mission in Rome to test her progress. Cammie and Morgan have a parting bout of snark, with Cammie being contemptuous of Morgan's former prostitution.

2010: Laura meets Kevin in the woods, they talk about mutations, healing factors and that Kevin is pretty. Angelo and Fred meet, and discuss finding him someone invulnerable to help with powers practice. Megan meets Jay and is excited about another flyer.

2011: Tabitha gets a haircut and writes about it in her journal. Kevin suggests turning the boathouse into an art studio. Amara meets Wade for the first time in the rec room and they chat about TV shows. Vannessa runs into Angelo at the Elpis office and heads out for lunch with him. Warren lets everyone know that he had fun at Crystal's surprise birthday party. Jean-Paul gets Warren to check out more buildings in District X with him. Julian lets his friends know that he will be heading out to LA the next day. Jubilees asks Doug for a favour, though she has a funny way of doing it.

2012: Sarah texts Layla while studying to chat as a distraction. Laurie makes a journal entry about the awesome present she sent her boyfriend. Vanessa and Marie-Ange meet over coffee to pass on information about X-Force's recent goings-on.

2013: Sue texts Maddie to inquire whether she’ll be attending any of the NY Fashion Week events with Adrienne. Tandy texts both Maddie and Sue to ask a favour. Billy makes a journal entry about escape.

2014: Tandy posts inviting anyone who wants to go to see the Mercedes-Benz Fashion shows. Cecilia posts mourning her cracked iPhone screen.

2015: Wade asks Kevin for a loan of his hat. Lorna texts Wanda, asking about what she plans to do for her and Pietro’s birthday and if she’s heard anything about the Brotherhood. Wade comes across Roxy having powers issues and lends a hand. Other new arrival Tabitha makes her first journal post. Warren lets Jean know that he’s ready to meet with her people. Bobbi posts about the Grammys making her feel old. Rogue shows off her new manicure. Laurie hangs this sign to the door of her lab. Doug emails Laurie to let her know why he’s being so sarcastic to Tabitha.

2016: Felicia emails X-Force about a mandatory ski trip. Natasha texts Clint about the lame Superbowl commercials. Reed and Hank meet in the lab and find they have much in common. Clint asks Molly to go to his office at SWORD and pick up some items he’d left behind. Everett comes back to the mansion, and has a frank discussion with Scott. Nica emails Hank, asking him if he can help her with her powers.

2017: Topaz posts about having lost a magically alive catnip mouse being lost. Sharon emails Scott and Garrison about the first aid exam simulation being what she is looking for.

2018: Sharon gets an update on a family situation. She then lets Scott and Garrison know she's heading home, tells the medlab she's got a situation and asks Clarice for a lift. Matt announces a law enforcement seminar. Bobbi invites X-Factor to a birthday party for Warren.