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January 1 - New Years' Day



2005: Proteus Aftermath: Alison talks to Shiro about his actions; Nathan tells Moira Rory Campbell has vanished and Nathaniel Essex was involved in creating Proteus using Kevin MacTaggart's DNA.

2006: Kitty and Jamie go to Chicago and run into her father, who is now an alcoholic; later, Jamie has a Talk with Kitty's mother. Nathan returns to the mansion from Muir, leaving Moira and Rachel there for a few more days. Terry and Bobby are the first to hear that Jean and Scott got married.

2007: Various comments are made about the party at Silver. Kurt throws his scarring knife in the lake.

2008: Mr Pinstripe Suit: Wanda and Kurt go back to the dance contest and are exhausted afterwards again, and realise there might be something wrong; Wanda emails Doug and Marie-Ange asking them to come along to the next session to see what's happening. John makes his New Year resolutions, and winds up smoking with Angelo on the porch after signing up with Elpis for three years in return for Nathan paying for a further degree. Cyndi meets up with John by the lake and confusion results.

2009: Angel and Julian kiss, ringing in the New Year. Jan wishes everyone a Happy New Year. The morning after, Kurt and Monet reflect on their sleeping habits. Lil posts a word of caution about drunk dialling ex-husbands. Walking Ghosts: On Muir Island, Nick Fury approaches Nathan with a proposal; Nathan lets everyone know he won't be back immediately; Nathan calls Jean-Paul from a SHIELD facility and lets him know he'll be away for a while and that he'll be okay. Adrienne posts her resolutions for the year. Operation: Anansesem: Amanda complains about having to go to Africa. Julian and Jean-Paul meet and talk about being a hero. Jane is bored and Adrienne offers Wii distraction.

2010: Carry On: Julian and company arrive at the ICU where he sees Simon Gutierrez heading into Dean's room. They follow him to a local shopping center only to lose him, till Nico uses the Staff of One to find his location. They end up interrupting a drug deal and it's only with the help of Dori and Nico that the tide turns.

2011: Jan wishes everyone a Happy New Year and remarks on the coolness of the date - 1/1/11. Hank asks Angelo to help him test a new Danger Room scenario based on the mission in LA, using power dampening technology. Hank emails Jean about the Danger Room program after its successful test. The Best Deceptions: The news media carries the story of the death of one man and the suspected deaths of the three Hayes family members in a house fire in California; Hank posts to x_team, expressing his concern that the Hayes' deaths and a child abduction are the work of Nanny and the Orphan Maker.

2012: Korvus visits Layla in the infirmary.

2013: On the ski trip, Topaz and Amanda hide from the crowds and talk magic and the past. Laurie posts about having a hangover.

2014: Adrienne emails Jean to thank her for keeping an eye on Tandy and finds out about Jean and Scott’s anniversary celebration. Clint texts Billy to ask if he’s met Tyrone. Frank posts to announce that he’s returned to the mansion. Jean and Scott celebrate their anniversary away from the chaos of the mansion.

2015: Matt and Rachel celebrate the new year with a change in their relationship. Rogue posts a meme for New Year’s Day.


2016: Topaz posts about needing aspirin. Miles posts about not feeling well. Bobby posts about playing the Black Eyed Peas songs for luck. Something Slender This Way Comes: A missing person’s alert for a child goes out.


2018: Amanda wishes everyone a Happy New Year, and informs everyone that she is sick.


2020: Marie-Ange’s ‘complaint’ about canned pasta fortune telling turns into a critique on eating habits among the residents. Mansion Secret Santa: Kyle gives Alani his belated Secret Santa gift; Alex does the same for Betsy.