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January 10 - Xavin Majesdane's Birthday

2004: Alison emails Pete and discusses the need to keep Miles' powers a secret. Jake is made student counsellor. Moira emails Charles Xavier about Marie-Ange's precognition and Manuel's therapy.

2005: Nathan and Marie-Ange have chocolate-induced precognitive episodes. Nathan and the Askani decide to stop the language and culture classes to see how things have sunk in. Catseye is unhappy about having to go to classes in human form.

2006: Trinity: Nathan and Cain head into the city to meet Bridge for lunch; Gideon Faraday gets to the restaurant a few minutes before them, makes small talk until Nathan gets within synching range, and then uses Nathan's telekinesis to kill Bridge; Nathan and Cain bring his body back to the mansion, and then Nathan has to tell Moira the news; later, Nathan finds Alison in the Situation Room, keeping watch for any disturbance in Tunis, and they talk about Bridge and the Pack; Cain announces Bridge's death to the team.

2007: Nathan posts to the journals about GW. Laurie raises the possibility of making a school newspaper. Kyle smells Alex on Shiro and freaks the other boy out with telling him he knows about their relationship; Shiro tells Alex that Kyle knows and Alex calms him down. Marie invites Sam to go with her to the city to see Wicked. X-Men Mission: Phalanx: Scott informs the team that the Greek soldiers from Youra will make a full recovery.

2008: Jennie leaves Marius a rather odd present and he is confused. Operation: Shaboom: Remy realises he, Wanda and Marie-Ange are the only ones left, and gives Marie-Ange their last angle; checking on Wanda, Remy and she both slip; Marie-Ange discovers the cause of the phenomenon is an old man with reality-warping abilities dying of cancer, and smothers him to bring back reality. Blessed Are The Peacemakers: Scott tells Ororo they have an invitation from Prime Minister Barath to visit Hungary to advise on a potential mutant team; Forge is invited too. Sir Edmund Hillary dies, and Nathan marks the loss. Terry meets Jack and finds him trying to be personable.

2009: Inez brings Garrison food and finds out he's leaving. Marie emails Garrison about having a talk when he's ready. Mark visits Jay and nearly has his head cut off before Jay holds himself back; Mark and Amanda talk and ground themselves again. Morgan stops by to keep Sam company and things get cute.

2010: Laurie asks if anyone wants to help her make muffins. Fred sneaks up on an over-caffeinated Dori and she gives him a boisterous welcome.

2011: Kevin has a nightmare and goes to sleep with Cammie for comfort. Yvette comments on the Church of Humanity blaming mutants for recent bird and fish deaths. Wanda is frustrated by Romanian relatives wanting to hex the government for taxing witches. Jean-Paul drops in on Vanessa with a movie.

2012: Operation: Teenage Wasteland: Remy wakes up in bed with his wife, who doesn't know who he is; Doug wakes up almost naked, in bed with a woman who he knows, but doesn't know him; Remy goes looking for the other members of X-Force, the first stop being Cammie; Remy finally finds someone who doesn't think they're sixteen; Remy checks in on Sarah, who is also affected, and she's really really not happy with Remy; Marie-Ange and Amanda wake up amnesic and confused, and so does Wade; Wanda wakes up with one Dr. Stephen Strange, who has no better luck trying to find out what went wrong; Nico arrives and sort of explains X-Force to the three not-quite-teens, and gets them moving to the office; On her way out the fire escape, Wanda encounters Christophe Nord, and they both encounter Remy; Strange finds himself in Alberta, Canada; Emma wakes up with a stabbing pain in her head before Remy finds her; Remy posts to x_journal announcing there's an urgent situation and that X-Force will be under radio silence for the next several days, and that Wade is with them; Remy and Nico drag all of X-Force to the offices and they attempt to figure out exactly what the hell is going on; Remy tries to find Thomas Glorian, trying to get access to the systems, and Doug finds out he has an extensive stash of porn; Remy finds himself counseling Wanda as she struggles to come to terms with what's going on; While waiting for something to happen, Amanda and Marie-Ange catch up on two entirely different lives; When Remy stops by what is/will be Marie-Ange's office, she has questions for him; Doug and Wade decide that hiding from the girls is the better part of valor; Doug goes seeking out Marie-Ange as one of the few people he remembers that remembers him, and finds out something he was truly not expecting. Sooraya e-mails Maddie to see if she's up for a visitor. Adri leaves a gift for Maddie outside her door. Fred makes a journal entry about how he's working with Kyle now. Sooraya visits Maddie in the box with food and they make plans to teach Sooraya ice-skating. Doug meets Christophe Nord in the offices and helps him catch up with what he's missed.


2014: Megan joins Amanda's magic class for the first time and gets a revision of the basics as well as practical homework.

2015: Artie shares a link to some interactive digital projection dancing videos.

2016: Something Slender This Way Comes: Two more children go missing, this time from Salem Center; Angelo is concerned about the missing children, but can’t find any common threads. Nica returns from vacation a week late due to the flu’.

2017: Artie shares a YouTube video. Gabriel complains about people bumming his cigarettes. Angelica sends a text to Sooraya wanting to do something fun.