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January 11


2004: Amanda Sefton arrives at the school.

2005: Nathan has a check up in the wake of brownie madness. Hank arranges for a new project for Forge. Forge and Dani get back from Oklahoma.

2006: Lorna gets a visit from Piers and hears about Bridge's death. Terry organises a board game and film festival, since fog makes her plan to go out impractical. Nathan asks for help ferrying the Pack from the airport.

2007: Pete requests that people share their reading, listening and viewing habits. Yvette has her first self-defence lesson with Angelo. Doug gets Amanda a delayed Christmas gift. Lorna kidnaps Marie to the local spa for the weekend, but before she goes, Marie talks with Ororo about the burden of resposibility. Nathan and Medusa attend a meeting at the UN, only to have Nathan barred because he is a telepath. Lorna has a check-up with Jean and is cleared for active duty. Garrison and Logan go to a hockey game and discuss Youra.

2008: Operation: Shaboom: Marie-Ange makes up for lost time with Doug; Remy bans all mention of 1959 on the Snow Valley comm and Marie-Ange is sent on vacation with Doug; Amanda has lunch with Kurt and they talk about his new dating life before things get awkward; Ororo and Remy celebrate her birthday and his return from the 'past'; none of those who slipped fully into their 1959 personas remember what happened after that. Laurie does powers training with Kyle and Jean. Laurie accosts Haller about not trusting her with his condition before she became a trainee.

2009: Lil and Scott discuss her training and she is offered a trainee spot. Jean discovers just how fundamental the change is in Jay. Amanda crashes on Kurt's couch and discovers his new relationship with Monet; later Kurt returns Monet's lost property and they talk briefly about the mission. Lil tells Bishop her news about the team. Morgan and then Adrienne visit Garrison before he leaves; Garrison announces he is taking a leave of absence to sort himself out. Yvette asks if the missing and recovered four are all right. Walking Ghosts: Nathan returns and Jean-Paul picks him up at the airport, but it's clear something went wrong on the trip. Papa Don't Preach: Clarice emails Callie asking to visit. John emails Nathan asking for a day off to go to his mother's wedding.

2010: Song of Isaac, Key of Solomon: Garrison informs the X-Men that he's being called away by the FBI to advise on an investigation on the kidnapping of Calysee Neramani. Hank informs through his journal that he'll be away, consulting SHIELD about something medical. Dori puts up a poll, asking whether or not she should be able to have caffeine when she wants it. Jay goes to see Warren at the new apartment Warren's not crazy about. They flirt and it turns ugly when Jay suggests that he'll just be another number to Warren in bed. Jay emails Kevin to apologize for what he said last year; Jay emails Kevin about the stupid things he said/did during their relationship and they wind up realising that they can't be friends.

2011: Julian declares a fund-raising poker night. Jan points out 11/1/11 is another cool date.

2012: Operation: Teenage Wasteland: Wanda, Jubilee, Ororo and Amanda pick up some street-level gossip and discuss it over tacos; Marie-Ange posts to Snow Valley's journal saying if anyone has any updates on Glorian's location that they should share it there; Remy checks in on the very quiet Sofia to see if she's ready for this; after Wade and David do some unsuccessful scouting of hospitals and police stations for any word of Glorian, they shop, and Wade returns to Snow Valley with a present for Marie-Ange, and to show off his new pants; David and Wade find one of David's guns and Wade ends up getting shot; Remy's plan to find Thomas Glorian and restore X-Force back to what they call normal begins with a break-in; Sofia and Marie-Ange do their best to be mice that roar, or, in this case, mice that block off alleys and create hurricane winds, but they're just a little better at their powers than they expected; Doug and North and Nico... start a commotion; While the boys + Nico are wrecking fuses and making a lot of sound and noise, Wanda and Amanda get their hands in Russo's gang's pants; Ororo, Remy and Sarah break into the building where Russo has Glorian stashed. Remy and Ororo come in through the window, Sarah comes in through the door... and then Russo goes out through the window, several stories up; Once Glorian is out of the building, Wade is tasked with getting him from the building to the office safely; Glorian has been brought to the office, and now it's Emma's job - untrained, sixteen year old Emma Frost - to fix everything. After a session in the Danger Room Scott and Lorna head to the kitchen for a coffee and a talk. Haller trains Sooraya in the use of her powers and he learns a little more of what happened in Attilan when things go wrong. Haller e-mails Yvette to update her on what he found out about Sooraya's past in Attilan. Warren and Jean-Paul have lunch at one of Warren's new favorite spots, and discuss the District X community council and their plans. Following the training accident with Haller, Yvette does her best to help out her roomie. Jubilee visits Doug in his server room to see how he's coping with the after effects of reverting to a 16 year old.

2013: Wade texts Doug telling him to meet him in the gym. Tandy texts to Topaz asking if they can meet. Angel posts looking for someone to hang out with. Adrienne posts about a Miss-America-watching part for the next night. Wade makes good on his threat to come drag Doug to the gym, and refuses to let up on getting Doug to talk about things. He also refuses to let Doug's issues get in the way of their 'epic bromance'. Lorna and Logan have a meeting in the Danger Room.

2014: Topaz and Frank make an attempt at a first date; it doesn't go nearly as bad as one might expect.

2015: Adri complains about the latest Hobbit movie which Tandy dragged her to go see.


2016: Clarice posts a W.H. Auden poem in honour of David Bowie’s passing. Warren makes good on his offer of a tropical vacation to Bobbi. Warren lets the X-Factor people know he’s going to be away, and to earn money in the meantime. Xavin thanks people for their birthday gifts for the day before. Artie and Topaz meet up for a sign language lesson.

2017: Warren offers to splurge money on ridiculous ideas. Rogue sends a text to Logan complaining about school. Kyle informs Wade that the Golden Girls is now available on Hulu. Artie and Tyrone hang out in the kitchen. Clea complains about homework. Megan shares an update regarding her Wing Warmers design.

2018: Maya wants confirmation that she saw an animated Porg in the library, leading to talk about the ethics of animating toys for others. Rogue is shocked that no-one focused on the fact the government revealed aliens might exist.

2019: Maya is watching Ghost and thinks Patrick Swayze is hot. Hope invites Betsy and Topaz to a small gala event as her guests.