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January 17

2004: Doug tells Marie he loves her and is gently turned down. Logan and Marie's relationship begins. Cain returns from arranging personal business.

2005: X-Men Mission: Adirondacks. Forge takes Jay to a mutant-friendly burger place.

2006: Haroun convinces Nathan to head into the city with him for dinner for a real Moroccan meal. It's a very good meal, until Nathan looks up and sees his father sitting across the room. Forge and Haller bond over sandwiches. Wanda decides Kurt needs to be flirted with, does so, and then they agree to go dancing. Moira informs Nathan that they're going for a short holiday in two weeks. Jubilee comes back to visit for a few days. Cain declares a new house rule - supervillain relatives have to be declared to him. Moira has a lead on a shiny new toy. In Hawaii, Lorna is dragged out to play with the puppies in the rain. Forge gives Lorna proof that Magneto can't possibly be her father. Scott emails Moira to check if she's okay with Nathan in his current state.

2007: Medusa and Mark encounter a rabid fan whilst shopping for shoes; Medusa announces she has many shoes to give away. Laurie tells Forge they ought to just be friends, and is disappointed when he agrees with her. Jennie gets cabin fever and is very strange in her journal. Logan gets in touch with Marie and Ororo from Alkali Lake. Epiphany Frosts: Nathan notifies Remy of the events in Russia; those people closest to Nathan and his students are tested for contagious pneumonia; Marie finds Garrison isn't coping. 40 Days (in the Desert): Lorna asks Marie to come with her and investigate another lead into her missing sister, Zala.

2008: Forge emails Haller needing perspective on the Hungary incident and they talk about responses to death. Jean announces she'll be taking a few days off classes to recover. Lorna and Shiro have an altercation in the halls, which leads to Alex finding out and coming back to confront Shiro himself; Jean-Phillipe is amused at the drama whilst various others are confused, annoyed or disturbed; Scott reads Lorna the riot act, and she is not particularly sorry about her actions; Jim emails Lorna and does his own bit of riot act reading, including pointing out where her motivations are coming from; Pete suggests art classes for the purpose of perspective; Laurie goes to look for Yvette, who has disappeared. Clarice meets Nori late at night and they play DDR.

2009: Scott visits Laurie and they talk about her training and the assumptions she's made about it. During the course of various emails, Adrienne apologises to Manuel for her avoidance and the issues it caused, and agrees to talk to Morgan. Valentia's Lullaby: Amanda lets Angelo know she's going to Spain with Manuel; Manuel is tense at the airport, given the crowding; en route Manuel expresses concern about him powers leaking at the airport; later, at the hotel, Manuel sees Amanda's scars and it leads to a revealing conversation about trust. Mechanisms of Revenge: Remy reports on Pete's account of what happened. Bio-Hazard Girl: Jean asks Crystal to help with the situation in Houston; the X-Men (and Crystal) go to Houston to try and find out what the situation is. Callie goes to Nathan to talk about a new study project and they talk about the fact her father hadn't wanted her to come back to the school. Adrienne meets Lil at the pool and they have some friendly chat and competition. Nathan and Julian have another training session, this time in the Danger Room. Scott checks on a hermiting Marie and encourages to get out more.

2010: Song of Isaac, Key of Solomon: Amanda discovers an unusual number of flights from Rome to the Middle East and consults with Marie-Ange in case there's a religious connection. Jay goes to apologise to Warren and they wind up agreeing to see each other. Angelo and John discuss moving out to an apartment in New York.

2011: Yvette encounters Julian in the gym and they talk about his problems with Nico. Kevin declares Hank is in mad scientist mode, trying to make his own Twinkies. Jake returns from Europe to file his expenses with Remy and they have the usual banter. Molly introduces herself on the journals then goes exploring around the mansion late at night and meets Julian who offers to make her some hot chocolate. Kyle picks up a drunk Laurie after a college party.

2012: Adrienne emails Wade about buying a hoodie for the sick Molly. Warren posts about his birthday, inviting everyone to a new bar in District X to celebrate. Sooraya emails Bishop about training. Kurt stops by the suite to check on Jean and end up having a heart to heart talk with Scott.

2013: Laurie links a youtube video and ask if anyone would want to watch it with her when it comes out.


2015: Fires From The Ashes: Adrienne sends Garrison an email telling him she loves him; Doug tests Wade asking him what’s up with all the dopplegangers floating around at the moment; Jubilee complains about feeling like she was hit by a truck and asks about what’s to be done about Jean - or maybe her doppleganger; in medlab, this time as a patient, Cecilia reflects on Amelia’s bedside manner. The Trial of Jean Grey: Namor lets his friends know he didn’t take the flight back to Attilan as expected and instead is on his way to help with the search for Jean.

2016: A Keller Foundation fundraiser Hope and Sue are attending goes horribly wrong when drama, intrigue, and betrayal all play out on the dance floor. Great Attractors: Topaz, Rachel, Jean, and Haller wake up to find themselves in a dark and lonely place; for Meggan, Hope, Emma, Quentin, and Fourteen, everything is literally puppy dogs and rainbows to an unbearable degree; as Topaz's mind becomes ever-more hostile, the group encounters a surprise visitor; Hope and Haller fail to escape, but make a different sort of headway; having determined the geography, the two groups destroy the communication barrier the only way they know how: mild violence; after a quick exchange of notes, the two senior psis come to a chilling conclusion; the psis lead the charge, but in the end it's the empaths who make the final stand; it was all a horrible, horrible dream, or at least that's what they'll be telling themselves from now on; Haller texts all the mansions telepaths and empaths to advise the Professor is coming home early, and to report to the medlab and/or himself or Jean if anything is acutely wrong; Haller makes a journal entry about the bizarre astral activity that happened, letting everyone know it’s been dealt with and that the Professor is coming back early. Topaz texts Stephen to take a raincheck on book stocking. Topaz leaves a sign on her door informing would-be visitors of her status and asking for rest. Cecilia texts Haller reminding him he owes her lunch. Quentin asks for assistance with a cake in an extremely awkward fashion. Bobbi and Warren make their way back home from their mini-vacation. Alex bakes a cake for a baked Quentin. After their adventure, Fourteen finds themselves dealing with Jubilee in a sharing mood.

2017: Warren sets Sue the task of finding a corgi puppy for Bobbi.

2018: Topaz talks to Marie-Ange about her worries over Agent Brand.