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January 31

2004: Moira gets a magical Geiger counter from Romany Wisdom, who is concerned about the amount of power Amanda is using. Pete, Scott and Jake work on the mansion's security.

2005: Forge talks to Kitty about his belief you are solely what you can do. Alison emails Paige about extra training. X-Men Mission: Bank Heist. Haroun announces Blackbird training.

2006: Kylun gives a blood sample to prove one way or another if he is Colin McKay. Cain offers Jamie a job. Nathan invites Moira to the Danger Room and finally shows her his new trick - her revenge on holding out on her is to have the Danger Room shoot at him to test it. Haroun runs into Haller and gives him a migraine. Scott and Jean have a nice relaxed dinner, with the only sticky point being Lorna's phone call.

2007: Marie emails Clarice for a pick up from Vermont for her and Lorna after their night out. Julio and Crystal talk about the dreamworld Crystal; later, Crystal and Lorna manage quite a productive conversation. Dani in class comes across one of Nathan's poems, published in a literary magazine. Marie and Scott discuss Sabretooth's capture. Logan comes back from Alkali Lake. Lorna lets Alex know she knows about him and Shiro, from the shared dream; there is wigging all round.

2008: Nathan is back online. Marie meets with Scott and Ororo and stands down as RA; Marie chooses Jan as her replacement and talks to her about what's involved, Marie announces her decision. Crystal has a date and tells Lorna without giving away the details Red X Mission: Whistler: Jay and John have to work together, and aren't impressed, but get the job done all the same; Yvette and Kevin work together to rescue a family trapped in a buried house; Yvette meets Minister MacDonald, and is confused, but likes him; Dani looks after an exhausted Kevin; Jay feeds a starving - and remarkably coherent - Nori.

2009: Morgan apologises for having to bail on her date with Adrienne. Shiva: North meets with Betsy in New England and is offered a job. Jean releases Cammie from medlab; Angelo takes Cammie to Mama Lupe's for the promised Mexican food. So You Want To Be A Superhero: Julian wins a day's outing at a laser tag center by playing online games. Inez and Angel have an argument over Julian's attentions; Jan later emails them about the fight and wants to see them the next day. Morgan accepts the job with X-Force. Jean-Paul meets Cammie in the kitchen and they discuss her dietary quirks.

2010: Warren announces he is back on the X-Men. John emails Angelo, suggesting they should go to Lex's retreat and mentioning he met Jean-Paul. Jan posts about being able to shrink again. Laurie comes across Jean-Paul in the kitchen and cooks for him while he tries not to freak out. Jay and Catseye have a talk about keeping private things from Warren. Morgan visits Jean-Paul and avoids answering questions about Lex, which prompts the assumption that she has an imaginary boyfriend, while Jean-Paul expresses his fears of endangering the students at the mansion. Logan goes to California to visit Sarah Kinney, who will be sending her daughter Laura to Xavier's, and he learns that Kinney worked on the Weapon X project and that Laura, who possesses Logan's healing abilities, feral senses, and claws, is actually created from Logan's DNA - that Sarah carried and gave birth to Laura and raised her as a daughter without Weapon X's scientists knowing of her existence.

2011: Hank unveils the new (and improved!) coffee maker, prompting a wary response from Nico. Kevin sends a photo of the sunrise over snow from his mystery trip location to Jean-Paul. Warren takes Megan out flying and is amused by her enthusiasm.

2012: Tabitha posts her refusal to discuss the pictures on her phone and about watching dueling cellos and blaming Marie-Ange for it. I Do...NOT!: Sooraya asks Angelo to come with her when she has to go to Attilan. Lorna posts about the one year anniversary of Hank's amazing coffee machine, HB2.7 and her love for it.

2013: Topaz and Tandy have a late night encounter and make tentative steps towards friendship. Clint emails Topaz offering to bring her on a trip outside the mansion.

2014: Matt posts about about forensic chemistry being cooler if he could see.

2015: Amanda posts to announce she’s created an area of remembrance for M-Day in an alcove with a stone that has a flame inside it magicked to never go out. Wanda emails Cammie and Jubilee asking to be reimbursed for having to work in a coffee shop all day the day before. Amanda emails the Phase 1 survivors to tell them about the remembrance area she set up. Jean and Warren finally go on their date and Jean learns more about Worthington Industries. Topaz texts Hope telling her she has wine. Cecilia posts asking that whoever stole her wine and left her money leave a note next time instead. Laurie posts to inform everyone she is taking Doug for dinner. The Foundation for Genetic Purity in Brownsville, NY collapses in such a way as to baffle authorities. Angelo posts asking if the building collapsed on its own. Adrienne posts to announce that she and Kane are away at the Plaza for the weekend and that she won’t be returning to the mansion afterwards, choosing to stay at her penthouse in the city instead. Julian goes to find Doreen to discuss the death of Monkey Joe.

2016: Operation: Mutant Massacre: Wade provides updates on the Morlock investigation on xp_teams about the Carlysle Medical Center, which is linked to the phone obtained from Sabretooth by X-Factor. The Two Sided Coin of Ambition: X-Factor starts looking into who might benefit from the information stolen from Keller Industries.

2017: Bobby texts Warren asking for help with cheering up Miles. Hope meets her father for a meal and they reconnect. Bobby leaves a birthday cake and a stack of visual novels for Miles.

2018: Maya takes over the music room with heavy metal to help her study. Angelica posts a philosophical question about Groundhog Day. Clea talks to Amanda about not talking to her parents about her birth “family” and finds out Snow Valley needs reception help.