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January 5


2004: Shinobi and Sarah's relationship begins. Shinobi, Marie and Bobby begin teaching junior classes. Cain's post to the journals almost creates a student rebellion. They start investigating his past, unsuccessfully. Jubilee blows up her alarm clock whilst she has the flu.

2005: Romani Road Trip: Kurt and Amanda meet in London and discuss meeting her birth family. Moira and Hank discuss ways to help Jono.

2006: Trinity: Wanda is fussed over by the women in the Kazakh nomads' camp, Nathan rescues her, and they tell her a secret from the year he spent there aged nineteen; Nathan goes riding and makes Haroun go with him; Haroun falls off and Nathan decides to leave him to make his own way back; this leads to a breakthrough in Haroun's powers, as he flies for the first time since his grounding. Jean bullies Scott into driving her into town to get "something" for the suite, and he publicly announces their marriage for the first time. Manuel invites his friends to a party to celebrate his getting the job.

2007: Forge and Crystal talk about the Winter Ball and she reveals her manifestation experience to him. Logan checks up on Ororo and ends up asking her out. X-Men Mission: Phalanx: Val Cooper contacts the X-Men with a problem in Greece: an elite squad of microchip-controlled soldiers has gone rogue on Youra; Haller tells Nathan his new codename just before they are summoned to the Situation Room; Forge comes up with a way to over-ride the microchips in the 'Spartan's' heads, and plans are made.

2008: Cain and Kurt have a training session and go out for drinks after Cain finds out about him and Wanda. Nathan takes Marius on a flying lesson in the Blackbird. Dani graduates her college classes and celebrates with Forge. Wendigo: Arriving in Canada, Marie and Logan are reunited with Garrison and are briefed before heading out.

2009: Amanda returns late at night and winds up in Pete's apartment. Morgan comes home and winds up in Jean-Paul's bed for comfort. Adrienne emails Bishop about potential shooting range access. Morgan tracks down Sam and makes good her threat to make him blush. Amanda announces her return and Angelo comes to the office to see her. Wanda announces her return and couch-bound state. Morgan emails Adrienne and drinks with Amanda are planned. Bishop emails Lil and a date is arranged. Mechanisms of Revenge: Jay undergoes conditioning. Lil and Bishop have that New Year's date.

2010: Jay has a nightmare and discovers Catseye was sleeping with him. Yvette runs into a changed Fred and offends him when she envies him about being 'normal' again.

2011: Artie posts about his powers, and how using them against bigots doesn't turn out well. Jubilee posts about heading out to Las Vegas. Warren asks why Kyle was puking in the kitchen. Jean-Paul texts Jean-Phillipe about whether he wants poutine. The Best Deceptions: In Florida, the Hayes family is attacked by Nanny and her children, trying to claim Molly; the X-Men arrive in the nick of time as the Hayes are trying to use their powers to fight back Peter; when her parents are overcome with Nanny's knock-out gas, Molly manifests, throwing a truck at Peter before falling asleep; Wasp shorts out Nanny's chair and protects the Hayes, Beast saves Peter from going over the edge of the bridge, M takes down the speedster, Jack, Nightcrawler rescues Addie and Firestar calms down Lucy after destroying her stuffed monkey friend, Bonzo.

2012: Jean and Sooraya talk about her powers following a science class. Layla thanks her anonymous shirt giver. Wanda announces her return to New York. Adrienne talks to Warren about investing in the mutant clothing store in District X. Lorna Dane returns from Scotland and Remy picks her up at the airport; Lorna announces her return from Muir Island.

2013: Haller emails Artie and Amanda about the attack by the Serpent Society. He also emails Paige about the tape.

2014: Rachel’s job interview with X-Corps ends with Angelo being dumped in the lake.



2016: Topaz emails Jean-Paul to thank him for his help. Rachel and Jean run into each other and make pancakes and New Year’s resolutions; Jean lets the mansion know there are pancakes available in the kitchen.



2019: Artie messages X-Force to let them know about his newest mission, which involved getting beaten up.