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January 7

2004: Jake and Pete exchange information on an assassin called Remy LeBeau, but agree the new student is too young to be him despite having the same name. Alison retires as counsellor. Manuel gets a journal lesson on etiquette.

2005: Jubilee and Madelyn visit the Lee family graves; Jubilee makes a vow to help make the world safer. Forge is upset about his 'failure' during Proteus. Sam returns to the school and decides to be more active. Haroun hits his head whilst training and it becomes obvious he's been overdoing since Proteus because he feels incapable powers-wise. Dani receives divorce papers in the mail. Amanda and Manuel arrive in Berlin and Amanda drives out the last of Selene's influence. Alex and Lorna return from Alaska. Rahne returns from Scotland.

2006: Trinity: Nathan and Angelo go riding and discuss strategy, before Nathan broaches the subject of college; later, they get in to see the Interior Minister, who is very distressed by the evidence from the school. It's a start. Haroun and Nathan snipe a little but manage some productive discussion too, before Nathan has another precog fit. Moira informs the team and Charles Xavier about Gideon's visit. Alex warns the school at large to watch out for his puppy, Crush, on the stairs. Scott emails Alex about Lorna possibly rejoining the team, but it leads to an argument.

2007: X-Men Mission: Phalanx: Nathan discovers much of the old Mistra complex has been bulldozed, and makes a memorial of his own to the dead; Logan makes his own gesture; Garrison officially complains to Scott about Haller; Logan checks on Marie and she's having issues with not having told Scott about Jack emerging. Logan emails Sarah about going out. Marie-Ange emails Garrison, checking on him. Nathan decides to leave for a few days, as it is also the first year anniversary of GW's death coming up. He (reluctantly) takes Angelo with him and Domino, to go climbing. Logan and Kurt meet up at Harry's Hideaway after the mission and Logan manages to get Kurt to stop using the image inducer; Kurt posts drunkenly to the journals in Romani.

2008: Jean emails Logan and confirms that Noriko is his great-granddaughter. Crystal is excited about her first day as a teacher, and concerned about Noriko missing classes. Marius is smug about not having had classes start yet. Amanda passes on the information about Marius St. Croix that Monet asked for, and provides some unwelcome commentary. Operation: Shaboom: When investigations into Doug's missing contact dig up a number of anomalies about the town he was interested in, X-Force goes to investigate; upon reaching Adensville, they discover some kind of timewarping effect around the town that puts them back in 1959. Jennie and Shiro are on comms duty and discuss the Alex situation; Jennie is less than sympathetic to Shiro's situation.

2009: Emma emails Adrienne about her Christmas gift and Manuel about the White Court, plus delivers her Christmas gifts to X-Force. Jennie and Amara go shopping. Manuel announces he is staying in a hotel in New York for the duration; Manuel emails Bishop about their weekly chess game; Morgan checks that Manuel's okay. Mechanisms of Revenge: Remy announces to X-Force that contacts place Apocalypse at Blue Area Mesa, a mutant commune; Remy and Scott plan a joint attack. Doug emails Emma about his Christmas gift. Lil is startled when Kurt teleports into the gym. Morgan brings Jubilee food and an apology for their first meeting. Jubilee sends Mark a musical link. Inez and Julian have that hot chocolate and Inez opens up more than she has before about her family.

2010: Fred posts to his journal to let everyone know he's back in the land of the living (and back from Muir). Cammie tries to apologise to Adrienne for getting her nose broken, but it doesn't go well and Cammie falls back into her old "don't care" attitude.

2011: Garrison and Laura spar, testing out his new Danger Room scenario. Vanessa posts about humans wandering into District X and being shocked.

2012: Vanessa emails Doug about getting an ID to match her new pink self, as she doesn't seem to be turning back to her blue self. Adrienne gets a new Wii game and invites Vanessa to come play with her. Bishop gives Sooraya hands on instruction with various handguns.

2013: Sarah V. posts about the crazy things autocorrect does and starting university.

2014: Dori bemoans the addictiveness of Long Live The Queen. Yvette announces a Red-X initiative to help homeless New Yorkers find shelter against the bad weather.

2015: Finding herself mostly alone at X-Factor Investigations, Adrienne talks to Jessica about coming to work there. Yvette makes a journal entry asking if anyone’s interested in assisting Red X with helping the homeless.

2016: Arthur leaves Cecilia a birthday present in the medlab; Cecilia thanks Arthur for his gift and for the luck. Something Slender This Way Comes: A ten year old goes missing in New York. Miles and Jean catch up and realize they have a lot in common - such as being huge nerds.

2017: Quentin and Nica attend a pro-mutant rally and differ over their personal ethics about powers use.