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July 14 - Korvus Rook'shir and Emma Frost's birthday


2004: Nathan shuts himself away in his room and refuses to talk to anyone for half the day. Sarah and Clarice fight. Amanda thinks she's pregnant and Manuel reveals his true feelings. Sean "Banshee" Cassidy contacts Charles Xavier about a teaching position. Madelyn emails Clarice about working in the medlab as a helper.

2005: Bobby organises the carpool for the release of the latest Harry Potter book. X-Men Mission: A Mirror Darkly: Domino e-mails Nathan from Chad asking for help, and he brings the team in on it.

2006: Jubilee makes the decision to move to the West Coast Annex to train with the team out there. Julio and Marie meet for the first time since the beach, and Julio discovers something new about his power. Forge visits the Snow Valley Center to get some counseling about his new security job and ends up burying the hatchet with both Amanda and Doug. Terry and Bobby take off for the weekend to Las Vegas. Nathan and Marie have a relatively normal conversation. And Betsy finally visits Haller and does not like what she finds, and one of Haller's alternate personalities sets her on fire. Betsy then runs into Scott the hallway, and they have a fight, where Betsy ends up slapping Scott. Julio introduces himself on the journals. Drop of Nightshade: The heads of the New Orleans Guilds| crime guilds in New Orleans are lured into a trap and assassinated.

2007: Laurie helps Cain with the kennel and they talk about family. Jean gives Farouk an examination to try and determine the cause of his powers loss. Marie-Ange and Doug arrive in North Carolina. Jennie goes clubbing and meets Mark at Silver.

2008: In an unheard-of act, Adrienne wishes Emma a happy birthday and thanks her for finding the job at Xavier's for her. Julio returns from Mexico; in response to a thread in Julio's journal, Jane announces a Bake-Off on July 26. Third Strike: Zanne is given a package of Kurt's medical documents by a strange woman and passes them onto Scott and Ororo; Scott lets the team know they've got information on Kurt. Laurie tries a jujitsu dojo and meets Doug there. Visiting the mansion, Jubilee irritates Morgan (in her true shape again) and makes a deal with Cain.

2009: Monet runs into Jean-Paul after a sleepless night and they are carefully polite to each other. Mutation Sternutation: Laurie emails Crystal about training with her borrowed powers; Jean posts an update outlining what they've discovered about the powers swapping; Cammie checks up on the reclusive Kurt; Crystal emails Amara, asking for powers training; Forge springs Crystal from medlab and she surprises him by talking about possibly joining the team; Jan talks to Julian about the wisdom in going to a public place such as the movies with powers he can't control; Julian blows up his laptop and Jean calls in Nori to help, drawing off some of the electricity and helping with his control; Marie startles Cammie when she bamfs into the kitchen and drain cleaner smoothies are created. Alexander Lexington turns up at Snow Valley for debriefing, and then Morgan takes him over to the mansion to meet with Charles and discuss the terms of his conditional discharge from the army. Dori finds a Godzilla marathon and asks people to come with her. Catseye asks Scott for help riding her new bicycle and they talk about growing up and changing. Julio is asked to be an RA for the boys and has a talk with Nori about sex talk on the journals being not on any more. Sarah leaves a stuffed toy cat on Catseye's bed and emails her, asking to talk. Adrienne buys herself a motorcycle as a reward for defeating Steven, and Amanda defends the honour of the Broomstick. Lil gives Lex the tour and later takes him to Harry's, where she lets slip about the X-Men. Mark holds a party for the 10th anniversary of Spongebob, which turns into an orgy almost as Jubilee gets Illyana drunk, Marie-Ange turns up already drunk for Bastille Day and demands Mark's special brownies and Jennie joins in; Amanda takes off, not wanting to get into another fight with Jennie; Marie-Ange tries to get Doug drunk enough to sing the Teapot Song; Illyana posts drunkenly; Jubilee posts several times drunkenly; Cammie is convinced to join the party and texts Jake, looking for a ride which is not forthcoming; Emma returns from an award ceremony to find everyone drunk and joins in; Jennie posts a note on Amanda's door; Cammie cadges a crash space from Jake and teases him. Jean-Phillipe also celebrates Bastille Day, with Jean-Paul; a drunken Marie-Ange emails Jean-Paul about not sleeping with her cousin without protection.

2010: Megan decides to send a letter to her sister, Molly, and writes about it in her journal.

2011: Remy emails Amanda, asking her to book him and Ororo tickets home. Vanessa posts about going out of town for work and requests that someone let her know when Jean wakes up.

2012: Laurie announces she’s going away with Eamon for three weeks. Jubilee texts Kurt to let him know she’s going on a job for several weeks and will be out of touch. Meggan leaves Korvus his birthday gifts. Haller emails Maddie to ask her to room with Hope during the re-organisation and after much negotiating and an offer of bribery, she agrees. Angel and Sam talk in the library.

2013: Adrienne delivers a bottle of Frapin Cuvée 1888 and a pair of boots specifically designed for Emma to her sister for her birthday. Angel e-mails Catseye about doing a summer roadtrip this year. Haller visits Betsy in the med lab, and things get a little tense.

2014: Tandy posts asking if anyone has any requests for things she can buy them from Europe. Cecilia texts Wade to ask about why guys wear such tight jeans. Matt declares that it’s taco time. Adrienne posts a birthday message for Emma from Las Vegas where she was currently attending Emma’s birthday party.

2015: Patent Pending: Miles texts Peter about a job Warren has for them. Jean meets Hope in astral form. Laurie texts Wade to check on him following the mission to save North.

2016: Emma posts an open invite to her suite to celebrate her birthday.

2017: Garrison and Laurie have an intense discussion during a training session in the Danger Room. Jean-Philippe quotes the national anthem of France in a post. Bobbi expresses her need to drink this weekend.