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July 17


2004: Domino IMs Doug after having blown herself up. He calls in Nathan who has her rescued from Russian Intelligence. Marie-Ange dreams of Nathan in Spartan armour. Dr. Stephen Strange finds out details about Belasco and confronts Illyana about them; Strange tells Charles Xavier about what he has found.

2005: X-Men Mission: A Mirror Darkly: Nathan comes back from Chad and goes upstairs to find a rather displeased Moira; Domino wakes up in the medlab to find Jean on duty, and Nathan comes by to check on her; Moira comes to see Domino with her psychologist hat on. Jean discusses the difficulties for telepaths in a house full of people all focused on one thing - Harry Potter.

2006: Julio has an encounter with Jack, one of Haller's alternate personalities outside of Moira's office. Marie-Ange accepts Remy's job offer. Marie tries to find out of Remy has any information on Magneto. Search and Rescue: Scott is forced to trade himself for his brother's safety; Lorna finds Alex walking by himself on the way to the mansion without his containment suit; Scott finds out that the shady operatives are former associates of Stryker's; they want some information that Scott has, and Scott says he doesn't remember it; the shady operatives begin to torture Scott.

2007: Great Rift: In the early hours, the village is attacked and Rahne is shot; the Elpis team, Ororo and T'Challa drive off the attackers and help the wounded; Ororo contacts the mansion. Pietro goes to talk to Jean about him staying so long away. Amanda and Mark boobytrap Wanda's office to make her take the day off. Yvette and Laurie talk about the incident on the journals and Laurie apologises publicly.

2008: Amanda is relieved that Kurt has been found but angry at what happened. Jay wishes Kevin a happy birthday and makes plans; Yvette leaves Kevin a birthday present. Julio asks Nathan for a job with Elpis. Jubilee loses a bet with Cain and owes him drinks. Callisto and Yvette talk while working on the Blackbird. Red X Mission: Rising Waters: Crystal announces that Red X has been called to address flooding in Iowa. Sulaco: Mark and Jay talk about sex and in the course of the discussion, Mark mentions a new strain of VD out there and a clinic treating it.

2009: Morgan texts Adrienne about breakfast and apologises to the X-Forcers about Sam's disturbance the night before; Morgan emails Sam about his actions; Clarice hopes someone took video of the scene; Jay texts Paige asking if she knows where Sam is; Mark texts Jay about his brother's performance. Kevin thanks Jay for a birthday gift; Yvette lets everyone know it's Kevin's birthday; Cammie emails Forge about a hypothetical birthday plans; Kevin emails Yvette about announcing his birthday; Cammie terrifies Kevin with various sex-themed gifts among the more normal sort; Kevin thanks people for the birthday gestures. Mutation Sternutation: Dori tries to convince Callie to come see the Godzilla marathon, and when she says no due to her new powers, shares Avatar: The Last Airbender with her instead; Crystal thanks Nathan for saving her at the quarry. Angelo takes Fred to see Nathan about working for Elpis. Jake replaces Callie's Nutella and she rewards him with a Nutella-themed dinner; encountering Jake in the kitchen cleaning up, Jean-Paul makes his peace. Adrienne and Emma celebrate Emma's birthday and are far more honest with each other than they've ever been. Lex runs into Cammie as she's indulging in a bar fight. Bishop drops by to collect the photos Jennie took at the brownstone party and they chat a bit. Lex meets the Beaubier twins while out hunting and is a bit weirded out at first; afterwards, Lex runs into Nick and almost gets trampled by a deer in the process.

2010: Homeward Bound: Amanda leaves Amara in Nova Roma to continue helping the inhabitants, and offers some advice. Jean-Paul successfully grills for Kevin's birthday.

2011: Sarah V. posts about wanting to learn how to drive. Jan leaves Kevin a birthday present of a potted Super Mario mushroom. Megan emails Garrison, asking him if he wants to play golf with her.

2012: Hope receives a chest from her grandmother, complete with a set of comb, brush, and mirror engraved with a special message. Matt makes a journal entry that he’s just a addict. Marie-Ange stops in Doug's server room to check on him after he returns from his retreat. Doug makes a post in snow_valley about returning from the retreat and how it was difficult yet productive. Doug makes a Mad Libs post to his journal for people to complete, which was ________. Sooraya makes a journal entry thanking people for their gifts and support while she was in the medlab. Maddie moves in with her new roommate and discovers there is hope for Hope. Hope meets Matt while he's going through withdrawal. Korvus and Wade, having finished restoring and beautifying the Impala, decide to take her for a drive.

2013: Yvette posts complaining about the heatwave and asking if she can hide in the freezer. Billy texts Maddie complaining about the heat and asking if it’d be a good idea for him to make it snow again.

2014: Sue tries to teach Hope chess using a chessboard Topaz has magically animated and of course the pieces escape into the mansion. One of the pawns assaults Clarice in the medlab, so Topaz texts Sue asking her to go down and rescue it. Half a dozen pawns try to assault Fred's wrench in the garage, the wrench wins. Adrienne decides to avoid the invasion of the chessmen. Billy speaks up protesting that he had nothing to do with the chaos this time. Namor sends Amanda an e-mail asking when she’s free to explore the magical cavern, she promises to get back to him with a date. Catseye rallies Shamu and proceeds to attack the chessmen, Desdemona however has been converted to the steed of the black queen. Namor texts Sue, Clint and Tandy asking why there are chess pieces in the pool, he ends up blaming Sue. Hope tests Sue and Topaz warning that the chess pieces are in the mansion's ventilation. Angelo’s office is invaded by the chess pieces and Joyita becomes the steed of the black king. The black queen tries to attack Jean with a pencil. Amanda hears about the chess pieces and asks Billy what he did now. Molly befriends the white king and decides to build him a throne. Topaz posts a message taking responsibility for the chesstastrophe. Billy texts Topaz offering support after her talk with Amanda. Cecilia says she hasn’t seen any chess pieces and jokes the residents at the mansion must all be crazy.

2015: Laurie posts about fascinating medical science. Patent Pending: The Spider-Men (Peter and Miles) go back to Aaron Morales' place, only to discover he's gone; the Prowler and the Tinkerer meet, and the Tinkerer comes off a little worse for it; Bolivar Trask and William Stryker regroup after their Biotech plan fails; Jean emails Wade about finding more information on William Cross.

2016: Cecilia posts about going on vacation. Gabriel helps Namor realize he needs to learn about his new culture, and they discuss ways to help him.

2017: Clea realises she hasn’t left herself much time to make her costume for New York Comic Con.