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July 5



2004: Collateral Damage: Mistra sends Nathan a Spartan sword. He and Charles plan to go through his memories of the program, with Pete's input. Dr Samson decides to try Angelo on antidepressants. Jubilee contacts Patches.

2005: Family: Forge works on a private research project - finding Catseye's family - and makes progress; Forge gives Catseye his news, but she doesn't take it well. Bobby talks to Nathan about the possibility of his rejoining the team... and, later, runs into Jean and has a freakout at meeting someone who should be dead (especially because he initially thinks she's Mystique), until she calms him down. Nathan and Cain have a heated discussion about fathers and families over beer. Manuel and Dani go for a night swim. Lorna discovers Bobby's return, and enlists Jamie to help her prank him. Nathan returns to active duty.

2006: The Rictor Effect: The team catches up with Magneto and Julio, and after a botched attempt at rescue at the Marina, Magneto takes Julio to a raised oil platform and tortures him; the X-Men arrive, but are too late to stop Julio from causing a giant earthquake that destroys San Diego; the X-Men are able to rescue Julio and take him back to the beach, while the other half of the team does damage control; the team reconvenes on the beach, where they discover that San Diego is going to be wiped out by a tsunami; Nathan, Haller and Jean are able to stop the tsunami, but as a result Haller suffers a psychotic break and begins attacking his teammates, incapacitating several of them; Storm, Iceman and Sunfire take out the secondary waves of the tsunami, but Shiro has to use Kick to repel his wave; Wanda and Amanda watch this on tv; Angelo also sees all this go down on tv, and bribes Illyana to take him to the beach so he can check up on Nathan.

2007: Amanda and Angelo make a stop for a talk about communication. First anniversary of the San Diego earthquake and Julio vanishes for the day. Laurie encounters an escaped Shamu Jnr. and talks to Kyle about various things. Sound of Silence: Forge decides to enroll at the powers school as a way of getting Crystal's attention; the plan works, although she initially thinks he's a shapeshifter imitating Forge for nefarious purposes and she eventually offers him a job; the daughter of his host family is upset at him wanting to leave them.

2008: Jay emails Terry about doing some recording. Jay posts about his busy night at Silver. Somewhere More Familiar: Jean-Phillipe has a powers mishap, accidentally electrocuting Jane. Remy and Ororo meet in Istanbul. Bhagavad Gita: Garrison, Wanda, Jubilee and Morgan meet to exchange information, and it becomes known that the 'Sons of Bakr' were connected with the extremists in Afghanistan.

2009 Jean-Paul lists things he has enjoyed since leaving medlab. Monet wakes Kurt, still having nightmares about the mission to retrieve Jean-Paul. Catseye asks Forge to fix her collar and he teases her about Nick. Angel and Julian wind up locked in the dark room together and eventually talk; Callie emails Kyle to let him know about the problem and they decide to wait until they've had time to sort things out before letting them out. Jean-Paul visits Cammie, bearing the food that was in his fridge while he was abducted and they gossip about Manuel. Scott visits Jean-Paul.

2010: Butterflies and Hurricanes: Kevin makes food for Laurie after a Danger Room session and she asks him about his sudden powers-free status.

2011: Doug posts a status wrapup to Snow Valley and suggests it's time to figure out HYDRA's next move.

2012: Angel posts how she got a hit by a baseball during yesterday’s game and that the fireworks were awesome.

2013: Adrienne complains about Garrison beating her in the fantasy baseball and is excited about an upcoming Taylor Swift concert, much to Maddie’s disgust and Garrison’s confusion. Back in their suite, Topaz apologises to Molly for worrying her and is surprised by some words of wisdom from the younger girl. Jean and the Professor talk about Matthews.

2014: Molly posts about the fun she had at the 4th of July BBQ. Cecilia's charity raising date with Longshot goes surprisingly well


2015: Alison posts to tell people how much doing the laser show last night rocked. Roxy apologises for missing the celebrations at the mansion since her time at the White House with her mother wasn't fun. A group from Xavier’s goes to the Crafts Fair in District X and have a good time, but later they see a mutant being beaten by the police before Sooraya hurries them away. Cecilia encounters Meggan at the bottom of the pool and the two chat.

2016: Alison thanks people for carrying her to bed.

2017: Rogue helps Sooraya work through some emotions related to the lynching incident of the previous month.

2018: X-Men Mission: Type X Negative: Rachel emails the teams with an encrypted list detailing all the attacks in New York; Logan puts out the call for action to deal with ongoing attacks in New York; Angel sits with Sooraya in the medlab while Sooraya talks about her near-death experience.

2019: Fear in the Dark: Amanda posts to x_teams to give everyone a better idea of who they’re fighting. Case File: Take Me to Church: Alani and Angelo meet to talk about the Church of Humanity and what they can do against them.