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July 8


2003: Pete has an incident in New York.

2004: Manuel and Jubilee flirt. Manuel talks to Moira about powers training and sneaks a peek at Angelo's medical file.

2005: Following the events at Saul's office, Nathan briefs the team leaders on what happened. Scott invites Bobby to rejoin the team. Terry and Bobby are dorks, with UST. Manuel asks Nathan for a meeting with Lusanya, and is informed that the Askani are starting to disappear. Scott and Jean are cute, eat ice cream, and talk about the state of Jean's powers. Moira's unborn baby quickens. Jean and Betsy spar.

2006: The Rictor Effect: Jamie and Terry save a man from a collapsed mall, Scott does another round of checking up on his X-Men, and Amanda succumbs to the weird feeling she's had since she arrived in San Diego; Jennie forces Nathan to go back to the medlab because his virus is flaring up again, and Betsy and Remy discuss trying to find Magneto.

2007: Scott and Jean go out. Various people respond to Laurie and Kyle's fight. Sound of Silence: Crystal finds advance copies of the last Harry Potter book to give to her students.

2008: Terry and Nathan talk about the failed mission and Terry's feeling she is considered a bad X-Man as a result. Bhagavad Gita: The Times reports on the UN Weapons Inspectors being given evidence of the Deathbird program and its connection to Calysee's former husband and D. Ken Neramani withdraws support for his sister's interim government in Pakistan; Leo, Emma and Farouk confront Calysee on her role in training and sending the mutant to India as part of a mutant weaponisation project funded by the Kingmaker - Phase 1; Time does an overview on the whole incident; most of the group returns. Garrison, Bishop and Amanda go out to Harry's. Adrienne talks about her injured shoulder and checks on the state of her store.

2009: Jean-Paul wakes from a bad night and talks to Nathan about Rachel and Moira's impending visit. Forge helps Julio train his echo-location by throwing things at him. Jake is confused to find a stove (with a quiche in it) in his living room when he wakes up. Lil invites Jean-Paul out for drinks when he's well enough. Forge meets Dori and is ambushed by Monkey Joe, but they get on in the end. Pas de Trois: Julian goes to see Jean about an injured hand and winds up having a telepathic scan which proves Esme used her powers on him; Nathan confirms the results. Amara runs into North in the library in New York and they have quite a pleasant chat. Sarah finds out Catseye isn't just a cat and reacts badly to the surprise. Nick, wanting to practice a dance routine from So You Think You Can Dance, runs into Kurt and gets help managing his wolf form.

2010: Cammie gets drunk and calls Kurt for help. Nico and Megan talk about shoes, fashion and boys.

2011: Wanda makes a journal entry on her return to the Brownstone, explaining her absence and warning people that her powers seem to be misbehaving lately. Laurie goes to check on Kyle in his tree.

2012: Korvus writes on the journals that he is sorry that he was turned into the Black Knight. Wade texts Molly asking if she is alright and if she went to the faire thing. Wade helps Angel polish up on her hand-to-hand combat skills. Renfair: Lorna reports that she and the Professor had a sit down with Elizabeth Rose and her father to talk about the events of the day before.

2013: Darkness Falls: Haller emails Jean asking what they are going to do next about Betsy. Garrison texts Adrienne with two questions, about Jean and Pepperidge Farms. Remy e-mails Professor Xavier about Betsy’s disappearance, copying Scott, Jean, Haller, Kurt, and Ororo on it. Haller e-mails Paige for help with secondary mutations.

2014: Maddie e-mails Yvette to apologize for her outburst about the Red-X charity auction. Maddie makes a journal entry to apologize to everyone about her previous comments regarding the auction. Sue makes a journal entry about the Brazil/Germany World Cup game.


2015: Rogue texts Logan about heading to Muir that day. Rogue, Sooraya, Jean and Miles travel to Muir Island to pick up Rahne Sinclair. Later on, she meets her suite mates Illyana and Xavin. Laurie posts a very open introduction online on her journal. Megan emails Sooraya about the events at the fair. Warren asks Gabriel to do him a favor, then treats Gabriel like dirt. So Gabriel has some fun at Warren's expense.



2018: Matt posts about his horrible/amazing date night with Foggy. Sins of the Father: Hope goes to the medlab with unexplained pain.