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June 1 - Rahne Sinclair's birthday

2003: The kids spend the day at the amusement park. Sam gets an email from his little sister Paige about her being a mutant and coming to the school. X-Men Mission: Baltimore: Storm, Nightcrawler and Wolverine go to pick up a new student and find Magneto and Pyro are there first. Stanley ends up going with the Brotherhood.

2004: Kitty goes home to Chicago for summer vacation at her mother's orders. Nathan thanks Marie-Ange for her suggestion of a memorial and gives her insight into her pre-cog. Nathan talks to Jane about the Skippies. Sarah and Shinobi return to Boston.

2005: Nathan talks to Alison about his problem with flinching in sparring; she suggests Tai Chi. Nathan emails his father and discovers their respective memories of his childhood don't match up. Amanda emails Moira about picking up her powers training again.


2007: Illyana and Marius meet in the kitchen and exchange denial of trauma. Julio announces his departure for his family wedding. Jennie plans to go to her father's for the weekend, but has trouble leaving the mansion; Forge and Marius go with her. Voodoo Child: The Las Vegas group arrives; that evening, they are all drugged in various ways.

2008: Kevin and Nathan talk again about Kevin leaving, and he agrees to stay another week to see if the medication works. Zemo: Scott lets everyone know everything is back to normal and thanks the school for its cooperation.

2009: Emma emails Kurt about his father's business dealings. X-Men Mission: Fifth Column: Nathan calls Jean-Paul whilst on painkillers and tells him somewhat disjointedly about the mission; Jean wakes Nathan to drag him to another debriefing; Nathan checks on Carly Alvarez and tells her he'll do what he can for her, whether she wants him to or not; flying out, Nathan and Forge wax philosophical about Budapest and what they've done; Yvette enlists the students to deliver food to the injured X-Men. Jan announces her birthday and emails Kyle about Fred calling her "ma'am". Old Man of the Mountain: Farouk has a meeting with the Alamut to discuss the world political situation and India's increasing strength.

2010: Jan announces her birthday and offers everyone free cake. Jake finally comes to see Remy and is drafted back into X-Force for his own safety; Jake emails Wanda demanding payment of the bribe she offered if he contacted Remy.

2011: Jan announces her 22nd birthday; Jean leaves a gift of pans; Kevin gives her jewellery boxes with Mario-themed earrings. Piotr asks for student art projects for a show in Salem Center. Aftershocks: Bishop and Vanessa interview family members of the victims in an effort to find a pattern and discover none of the victims was an obvious mutant and in some cases the families didn't know; going over the crime scene photos, Vanessa and Bishop get frustrated trying to form a profile of a killer who doesn't fit any of the usual types. Yvette announces final preparations for prom and asks for more help. Callie tries to cheer up Julian from his post-break up blues and offers clubbing in the city. Kurt is unimpressed by his father's blaming mutants for the E. Coli infestations in Europe.

2012: In The Balance: Doug is interrogated again, and this time he's far more cooperative; after time in solitary, Tabitha is questioned and proves a tough nut to crack until the threats begin; Lex's interrogation turns violent; Terry cracks and tells her interrogator of an escape plan; Scott's interrogation reveals the truth of Haller's paternity and Scott feels betrayed that Charles didn't tell him. Step By Step: The Xavier's group meets with the two Commission members, with proof of abuse of mutants and mutates; Jean reports in to Charles to let him know their plans for revealing the truth of the mutate process. The Unrelenting Struggle: The night before the attack on Prenova, Paige and Kyle discuss coping methods; Jubilee and Vance exchange their different perspectives on the hero gig; Layla, Cammie and Angelica help out around camp.

2013: Wade drops by X-Factor to hire them for some surveillance for a 'friend' and talks with Bishop. Sue finds Clint investigating the sentient coffeemaker and their discussion turns to robotics.

2014: Namor and Laurie meet up just before movie night.

2015: Lorna texts Sue about going shopping. Case File: The Triskelion Files: Warren and Adrienne go through the information provided by Sue and Arthur; Bobbi and Lorna search through suspects' apartments for any clues, Garrison and Jessica stake out the suspected leak and confirm he is the one they have been looking for. Billy introduces himself on the journals.

2016: Sooraya sends Rahne a birthday present of earrings and literature. Gabriel sends Rahne a book for her birthday.

2017: Amanda offers transportation to those interested in the March for Truth on the upcoming weekend. Topaz texts Amanda to ask when she’s taking the students back. Darcy wants to know which Harry Potter Houses people’s cats belong to.