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June 21


2004: Manuel discovers that failing all his courses means he has to have tutoring from Nathan over the summer. Pete returns from Uganda with bullet wounds. Alison arranges a contract for Guido's band.

2005: Jay talks to Alison about music and recording. Shiro and Nathan train together and move towards resolving issues. Nathan and Manuel train in New York and Nathan reveals the Askani are fading. Alison and Haroun have a clash of living styles.


2007: Laurie emails Scott about becoming a trainee when old enough, and doing preparatory work. Amanda emails Angelo telling him she'll be going to Attilan the day after him due to a medical appointment. Marie-Ange visits Forge to return his shirt and has a minor precognitive moment. Clarice mentions throwing up on a Japanese Parliamentary member on her journal. Marie and Garrison go to Cuba for a break. Clarice visits Amanda with a gift.

2008: Callisto and Morgan meet and trade lines. Jane buys Yvette origami paper and is thanked profusely. Morgan meets Sam and it's unclear if she likes him or not. Garrison ends Laurie's hand to hand training when she uses her powers on him.

2009: Waking late, Angel declares it waffle and fried chicken day. Analog Kid, Digital Man: Forge calls Crystal, inviting her to Dubai with him to see a completely computerised building; Crystal and Laurie decide to make it part of the Tour. Scott emails Jean to warn her of impending kidnapping to a hotel. Dani meets Nick and manages not to terrify him. Jay goes to The Brownstone and runs into Jake, which results in pie; eventually returning for his visit to Amanda, conversation turns to powers bigotry among mutants. Yvette meets Sarah and a cunning plan is hatched re xBox; Sarah follows up by seeking out Scott to talk to him about the New Mutants. Nick meets Julian and gets his butt handed to him at Street Fighter. Kurt goes to the bar where Cammie was beaten up to exact some revenge, and manages to 'rescue' one of the bikers in the process. Catseye offers her orphaned baby mouse up for adoption and Marie-Ange accepts it. Rubicon: Forge updates on the company that had been using the boy as a power source, who have completely vanished. Jay visits Shiro and encourages him to come to the Pride March in his own particular way. Mnemovore: Jean-Paul and Nathan are ambushed by Taygetos and Jean-Paul is captured while Nathan is teleported away and suffers enough psionic backlash to think he's 20 years in the past.

2010: A Betrayal of Heart: Julian apologises to Kurt for Nick's possible death and Kurt tries to be reassuring.

2011: Sarah Vale posts about her birthday present from her parents - it arrived late. Molly announces she received a hat from Wade called a beefeater. Warren gives up on reading case law for the time being, and invites everyone away to the Hamptons for the weekend of the 4th of July. Vanessa and Laurie discuss Crystal working for X-Factor. Operation: Red Letter Day: Marie-Ange posts to Snow Valley, identifying a pattern in the informants they've been losing. Janet announces the arrival of summer, and that she will be going on vacation, working at Silver and then teaching cooking classes when the school year resumes.

2012: Amara emails Laurie, Sarah V., Callie and Yvette about how they are doing. Laurie emails Scott and Lorna about sitdown dinner plans. Cammie posts a cartoon that resembles the office the last few days. Hope Abbott manifests her astral projection powers. Maddie posts about watching a movie with the other natural redheads.

2013: Frank posts a video of Springbok pronking. Laurie and Frank meet the charming but old-fashioned aristocrat Namor Mckenzie who arrives at the mansion. Johnny and Sarah V. drive to the mall but Johnny’s powers cause him much discomfort which leads to them leaving.

2014: Jean-Phillipe asks Marie-Ange if he brings Swiss chocolate could he sleep at her place without fear of getting murdered. Jean and Haller talk about what it means to be a staff member at the school. Adrienne emails Sue asking her to come in for an interview for an internship at her new company, Meridian Enterprises.

2015: Father’s Day - Gabriel remarks that working at a bar on this particular day is not much fun; Miles cross-posts from his Facebook account with a picture of his Dad’s new shirt.

2016: Jubilee makes a journal post reminding people at least one of them is the Moon-Moon of their group. Nica makes a journal post about summer vacation being close, and proposes a party or BBQ to celebrate. Quentin makes a journal post about not being Catholic but he could be. Hope and Warren talk about an offer he made her a long time ago.

2017: Darcy is pleased about Moana being added to Netflix. Maya shares an inspiring poster maker online.

2018: Clea posts about having graduated high school.