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June 22


2003: Emma hosts a Solstice party, Jono, Alex, Sarah attend, with members of the Hellfire Club also present.

2004: Marauders (plot): Sarah faces the Marauders and is killed, however she has two hearts and manages to be revived. The staff find out about the email Sarah sent and there are many journal arguments. Any student showing signs of wanting to go save her are confined to the grounds. Nathan throws Angelo in the lake. Sarah is brought back from the Morlock Tunnels severely injured. Alison is also injured during the rescue. Shinobi returns to the school. Jamie tells Pete what he knows about Grey Crow.

2005: X-Men Mission: Things That Go Boom: The team retrieve a new student from France. Nate is reinstated to the team.

2006: Jennie continues to search for her father. Kick It Up: Shiro encounters a friend in need.

2007: Paige responds to Jono's suggestion. Amanda arrives in Attilan and she and Angelo work out at least one of their issues. Sound of Silence: Maximus pretends to have just manifested to convince Crystal to drop her shields and uses his Cortez-amplified telepathy to control her mind; the Teen Girl Suite have a slumber party in the palace; Jean runs into Crystal wandering the halls. Laurie is impressed by the palace.

2008: A random/sleepwalking Jubilee breaks into Doug's apartment and eats his pie in the early hours. Yvette meets Callisto and helps her with chores. Nathan and John attend the visitation and lets slip about his own father's death. Peter Lakatos comes to the mansion to discuss Nimrod and talks to Forge. Jan complains about summer school. Jubilee is amused at Forge's inability to eat spicy food. After the funeral, Kyle talks to Anika about Mistra and moving on.

2009: Mnemovore: Nathan receives a call from Taygetos, threatening to kill Jean-Paul unless he gives himself up, but in his confused state he believes it's GW who has been captured by Mistra; Jean-Paul awakes in the care of Shrine, a Taygetos telepath, who begins to torture him. Inez and Catseye wind up topless when Catseye goes after Inez's bikini strings and talk about names; Julian finds Inez at the pool and talk gets a little risque. Analog Kid, Digital Man: Kyle goes down to the lab to see if Forge wants burgers, and winds up talking about the Reavers and gets an invitation to Dubai. Adrienne and Manuel talk about Valentia's new horse and riding lessons.

2010: Yvette announces her mother has left and that she will not be expected to go home for the summer.

2011: Operation: Red Letter Day: Marie-Ange posts about the plan to find Remy - she, Amanda and Cammie are off to London, and Ororo will be assembling a team to take to Munich.

2012: Sarah V. posts about dreaming of her, Layla and Maddie being Powerpuff Girls. Artie and Sooraya talk in the kitchen.

2013: Frank posts a story about students rioting for not being allowed to cheat on Chinese university entrance exams. Laurie posts about not getting a normal amount of sleep or knowing what day it is. Matt posts about officially graduating. Sam and Wade attempt to play basketball but then give up due to their lack of skills and go muddin’ instead. Somewhere I Belong: Topaz runs into Taboo while out with Tandy and is tempted by his offer of things going back to ‘the way they were’; Topaz gets a phone call from Taboo and agrees to meet him in Salem Center late at night; Topaz sneaks out of the mansion to meet Taboo but finds out that he has traded her to two men in return for information he’s looking for.

2014: Clint warns people not to interrupt him as he is studying or he will shoot them with a nerf dart. Cecilia states her love of finals week because the pool is quiet.


2015: Alison is impressed by Taylor Swift. Kitty ponders the necessity for people to believe in aliens, rather than accept ancient peoples had the knowledge and technology to build the world’s marvels.

2016: Quentin and Arthur pass time in the X-Factor offices on a slow day.

2017: Nica rejoices at the end of school and suggests a pool party to celebrate the start of summer vacation. Sooraya emails Angel and Quentin about funeral arrangements for Ray and Kaori.

2018: Sooraya asks Everett to help with the powers training of a girl in the Mutant Underground.