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June 26

2003: Start of Alison and Sam's relationship.


2005: Madelyn and Wanda go to Alaska to find information regarding the community Nathan grew up in.

2006: Operation: Don't Leave Me With The Germans: Remy and Betsy plan an assault on a formidable base; X-Force's assault begins; Sarah Morlocke is found in the laboratory. Jennie and Forge plan a date. Bleeding: Marius collapses while exercising.

2007: Sound of Silence: Farouk ponders the wider repercussions of the disappearance; media reports no sign of the island and the apparent death of the royal family in the plane crash immediately before the disappearance; Snow Valley goes into action to investigate, but there is little to find; the students are distressed by the disappearance; Mark alerts Amanda and Doug that Marie-Ange hasn't been to work and Amanda goes to check on her; Ororo announces the apparent deaths of the Amaquelin girls, and the disappearance of Forge with Attilan; Rahne and Nathan go through office photographs of Medusa and mourn; Jennie throws a lamp through her window. On Attilan itself, time goes by much faster and the island's inhabitants try to cope with finding themselves mysteriously isolated.

2008: While talking to Jane, Nathan sees MacInnis' 'ghost'. Adrienne seeks Charles' help with her powers.

2009: Mnemovore: The X-Men arrive at the Taygetos safehouse only to discover Jean-Paul has brutally killed everyone inside and they have to bring him down psychically; Angelo goes to Nathan's medlab room to check on him once the team gets back; Scott lets the school know the missing pair have returned, but that they are both in medlab and can't have visitors; Nathan tells Jake the news and he handles it badly; Charles, Jean and Nathan begin the difficult tasks of rebuilding Jean-Paul's mind. Adrienne posts that she's in Boston; Morgan emails her, concerned and Adrienne asks her to come; Morgan lets Snow Valley know she'll be out of town for a few days and Amanda texts her offering help if needed. Kevin meets Dori again out in the woods and concludes she's a bit odd. Manuel sends separate invitations to dinner to both Angel and Julian. Inez and Fred spar and something strange happens with his powers; Fred emails Jean to let her know and to ask for another prescription of his painkillers.

2010: Butterflies and Hurricanes: Kevin and Cammie head to the Street Fair at District X and run into Yvette and Jared; While at the fair, Yvette finds herself intrigued when she meets a lady who tells her she can help get rid of her mutation.

2011: Operation: Red Letter Day: X-Force break into the facility supposedly holding Remy; Marie-Ange, Amanda and Cammie spring a trap for HYDRA in London and manage to kill Swarm (though not the Fenris twins); Wanda, Doug and Emma meet the Master of HYDRA, the Red Skull, and the Contessa is killed by Synthia, his daughter; Jubilee and Ororo find Remy; Jubilee lets all of X-Force know they've found Remy; Amanda posts the same thing on the general journal network.

2012: Tandy texts Layla about arranging a movie night for the mansion's resident girls. Angel, sleeping in Sooraya's room to comfort her, has a nightmare of her own and roles are reversed.

2013: Somewhere I Belong: Molly texts Catseye about Topaz not being in their room for three days; Catseye texts Scott to let him know what Molly’s just told her and express her worry about Topaz; Scott and Frank, separately, find Topaz camped out in an abandoned classroom, assaulted by other peoples’ emotions thanks to her powers, and Topaz drains them both to make the onslaught stop; Topaz wakes up in the Box but doesn’t remember why she’s in there; Haller posts on the journal comm explaining the accident; Topaz posts from the Box, apologizing. Adrienne goes out to the woods to find Jean and the two discuss what happened in DC, Jean’s astral plane fight with the demon, and Adrienne’s worries regarding her sex life with Garrison.

2014: Hope posts in the x-journal comm about the upcoming Red X Benefit. Tandy teaches Namor how to play video games.

2015: Laurie makes a journal post about being hurt and soliciting ice cream, comfort movies, and potentially pizza. Felicia makes an Instragram post, asking what trouble are we getting into this weekend.

2016: Clea texts Stephen to say hi after their moment in the closet at the party two weeks before.

2017: The Mutant Chronicle prints an article about the lynching incident.