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March 11

2004: Red X Mission: Plattsburgh: Red X help with an apartment fire in Plattsburgh, NY. Something Wicked: Kwannon is caught, and Charles frees Betsy; Scott tells the school about Kwannon.

2005: Haroun and Alison wake up in bed together and have breakfast; Lorna kidnaps Alison to the spa for Girl Gossip. Forge returns Catseye's broken Mini-squid and apologizes for ignoring her. Dani asks Forge to be her Lamaze partner, and Forge discovers his father's coming for a visit. Hellfire and Damnation: Nathan tells Amanda about his meeting with Pete and she blames herself for everything. Remy goes to track down Pete.

2006: Nathan and Haller are in the city taking in some culture when Saul Morrow shows up unexpectedly with the best of intentions; Nate and Haller both get a little frayed around the edges in their own unique ways, and Haller gets to punch Saul. Nathan gloats about this on his journal. Clarice asks Haller to smack her parents over the head for her.

2007: Operation: Tower of Babble: The Snow Valley team prepare to go to Syria, as part of an official fact-finding team; Pete, Remy and Mark go seperately as the unofficial part. Medusa is not impressed to find she has a roommate, especially one with teleportation sickness. Kaiten: Angelo goes undercover to infiltrate the Preservers cell in New York; Scott is feeling increasingly unwell. Jean's biology class plays an exam prank. Crystal gets protective of Jennie when Monet is tactless about the Europe incident. Marie announces she needs proofreaders for a paper on parapsychology and the occult. Garrison and Marie take advantage of Boiler Beach for a break.

2008: Red X Mission: Reconstruction: Laurie meets her overseer, Jacob the chef who can create good food out of substandard ingredients with his mutant power; Jay is pleased to note the moulting has stopped; Angelo has an encounter with the little girl he hauled out from under rubble after the earthquake; Julio and Kevin talk about making amends for past actions; Kyle discovers Kebabistan; Crystal and Kyle roof and discuss their respective relationships; Marie feeds a slightly overworking Angel; Kevin and Tommy chat about Yvette and art; Jay races Angel; Jay and Tommy talk quite normally, until a misunderstanding leaves them both a little spooked. Im Odenwald: Kurt gets a call from Michael Wahler asking him to come to Germany to meet a fallen 'angel'.

2009: Adrienne drills Lil for gossip about Garrison's sister to torment the Mountie with. Cammie has another training session with Logan. Cammie braves her job at Elpis and manages to sort things out with Nathan. Cammie emails Lil about her training session with Logan and his direction that she practice on Lil more. Jane is irritated at changes to television programming meaning she misses American Idol, but is happy about Girl Scout cookies. Manuel asks Callie about her babysitting availability the following week. Julian comes across a cranky Cammie in the gym and finds out more about her powers.

2010: Catseye leaves John a note thanking him for the catnip, leaving him a cookie; she then emails Kyle mentioning that she's left the catnip in his room for his cat. Yvette posts about her feeling that spring is on the way. Adrienne gets a horseback riding lesson from Sam who avoids her questions about his feelings regarding Morgan's new beau, prompting her to attempt setting him up with Amara. Kyle posts about his cat being stoned on catnip.

2011: Wade kidnaps Julian to help him get renovation supplies, and treats him to lunch; Wade gets a feeling they're being watched. Wade emails Vanessa to let her know his friend Crazy Frank is in town and that they'll be visiting him on Sunday. Jean-Paul emails Jake to make sure he's still alive, since the last time they saw each other, Jake was being followed. Lex invites people to his birthday party on the 13th. Meeting in the gym, Lex and Amara talk about the issues of being a 'passer' and District X.

2012: Doug runs into Jean while grocery shopping and they wind up going for lunch together.

2013: Matt posts about being accepted into Pace Westchester. Hope leaves Topaz a pendant for her birthday. Maddie texts Sue about pvring a tv show for her while Maddie’s out at rehearsal. Matt leaves Topaz a book for her birthday. Doug emails Sarah Vale to ask if she turned up anything on Adrienne’s computer, but neither of them found anything out of the ordinary. Matt goes to Angelo for help deciphering some of his college information and talk about future plans.

2014: Namor asks Catseye and Angel where they’d like to go over spring break. Cecilia posts to complain about the weather. Cecilia and Sooraya take some time to do some pottery and get to know one another.

2015: Scott texts Wade complaining that no one informed him it was couples night at Harry’s.

2016: Amanda wishes Topaz Happy Birthday. Darcy and Stephen talk about how much they both enjoy Stardew Valley. Julian trains Reed in the gym and bestows a nickname on him before inviting Reed to join Julian and Sue’s weekly lunch. Garrison posts to let everyone know that he and Adrienne are away for the yearly tradition of attending Spring Training. Kitty posts to complain about the bears which keep killing her in the game she’s playing.

2017: Kevin and Artie have drinks and conversation as a form of training. Maya is bitter about the Salem Center Women’s March being delayed and possibly cancelled in the aftermath of the Avengers battle. Topaz talks to Kurt about Amanda’s history. Amanda announces another “Magic 101” class, including the “Don’t Touch The Thing” section.

2018: Topaz texts Hope to ask her to bring some water and aspirin. Topaz posts to ask if someone remembers how she got home last night.