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March 15 - Jean-Phillipe Colbert's birthday, Kevin Sydney's birthday, Stephen Strange's birthday

2004: Jono invites all of the England trip to go drinking on his father's stolen credit card. Manuel begins his therapy log of analyzing his feelings without his power.

2005: Nathan demonstrates the psimitar for Hank. Jean talks to Nathan about control, and exercises to regain hers. Lorna and Jean speak over coffee, and Lorna fills Jean in on the last two years. Lorna confronts Scott about his not-dealing with Jean. Dani goes for pizza with a girl from her tai chi class, and discovers bigotry firsthand. Marie-Ange goes to Nathan for help with her precognitive visions. Hellfire and Damnation: Remy speaks with Charles Xavier and the X-Men leaders about Pete Wisdom and warns them about the danger. Thermopylae: Tim Morgan calls Nathan with a location for Mistra's last base: Youra, a small island off the coast of Greece.

2006: Unsettled after the encounter with Saul Morrow and his discussion with Lorna, Haller confides his reservations about the team in Ororo; while not entirely setting his concerns to rest, she does manage to calm him down. X-Men Mission: Trans-Siberian Hustle: Scott is sitting his comms shift, brooding, when a call comes in from Colin MacInnis; Scott then calls Alison and Ororo to the situation room to discuss options; after the COs finish their conference, Nathan stops in the Situation Room to give Alison some of the information she wanted; he looks over the careful plan for a straight-out rescue mission and muses about how nice it would be if they could screw Gideon a little more completely than simply blowing this deal for him; Alison starts to see the possibilities. Moira's schedule changes to keep her at Muir Island for much more of her time.

2007: Kaiten: At Barath's speech, Ash's gang precipitates a riot; Nathan prevents the telekinetic in Ash's gang from throwing cars at the crowd; whilst fleeing, Ash's gang come across Devlin who is injured and a friend to Ash and Angelo helps them get him home; Devlin turns out to be an empath with possible connections to the Preservers; Nathan is furious about Barath's speech being cancelled; Amanda emails Nate, worried about Angelo; Nathan meets Angelo and is given a copy of Devlin's harddrive. Crystal runs into Nathan after his meeting with Angelo and is initially intimidated by the psimitar. Monet sends Marius a birthday card and he thanks her, somewhat bemusedly. 40 Days (in the Desert): Sofia gives Lorna news of her long-lost sister/cousin, Zala.

2008: Samson asks for a rescue from a particularly bigoted speech at his conference and Angelo comes to the rescue; Samson complains about the speakers in his journal. Red X Mission: Reconstruction: Jane discovers that Julio was responsible for the earthquake as they're engaged in painting; Laurie teaches Kevin to meditate.

2009: Jay is still unhappy about Sam and complains on the journals. Jean-Paul leaves Jean-Phillipe a carton of cigarettes for his birthday. Adrienne lets people know Amanda is offline for the duration. Yvette happens across Dani in the kitchen and is pleased to see her, but not pleased she won't return to the RA position.

2010: Cammie updates her journal with a photo from Hacked IRL; a website dedicated to culture jamming. Yvette posts a birthday shout-out to Jean-Phillipe.

2011: Jubilee announces that she'll be traveling for the next few days and should be back by Friday. Wade and Hank talk about Wade's test results, which aren't what Wade wanted to hear, and a course of action is decided upon. Vanessa sends out texts to Jean-Paul and Lex, telling them she's going out of town for a case, asking the former if he'd like to go with her and the latter to reschedule a meeting. Yvette makes a journal entry to wish both Marius and Jean-Phillipe a happy birthday. Vanessa and Lex meet up at Harry's in an attempt to become better friends, ending up with something with which they can both work. Kevin and Jean-Paul play some pool together and chat, going home together. Vanessa makes an entry to x_factorinvestigations, letting everyone else know she's going to be out of town on a case and that she's taking Jean-Paul with her.

2012: Yvette makes an announcement in her journal about Angelica e-mailing her to say she's staying in Europe for summer vacation and maybe the next school year. Lorna texts Sharon to see if she's busy and asking her to stop by. Sooraya makes a journal entry about being accepted to three places for college, with three more to go, and reflecting on how she's got this far from her previous life in Afghanistan. Lorna and Sharon meet up to review what they need for the St. Patrick's Day party.

2013: Emma emails Adrienne asking if she’s alright. Doug posts a graphic for Wade about Pi Day. Billy confesses a dream he had to Maddie in which he kisses another boy, and that he is afraid he might be gay, and despite Maddie’s support and reassurance that there’s nothing to be ashamed or afraid of, he makes her promise not to tell Clint. Angelo texts Jean-Phillipe to wish him a happy birthday and set up a meeting for birthday plans.

2014: Cecilia warns that the infirmary isn’t treating hangovers after St. Patricks Day. Marius tells Kyle and Jennie that Molly was having a mild spell when she punched him into the lake.

2015: Sooraya e-mails Angel to ask for help brainstorming with course selections.

2016: Sophie Stepford wonders about the ethics of telepathically manipulating Trump supporters who are annoying her. Jean-Phillipe posts in celebration of his birthday, and wishes Stephen and Kevin a happy birthday also.

2017: Amanda, Kurt and Meggan spend some time catching up with one another while trapped at the mansion due to a snow day.

2018: Jubilee and Amanda finally discuss the blue furry elephant in the room. Rogue sends Amanda a gift via snail mail. Amanda sends a thanks via text. Nica asks people what they do to have fun with their powers. Quentin and Xavin have a few drinks and discuss life.