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March 29 - Callisto's Birthday

2004: Nate discusses links with Amanda and Manuel. Dr. Stephen Strange becomes Amanda’s magic tutor. Amanda mails Bethany Moore and the two of them get on like a house on fire. Jake comes back to the States (DC). Ororo welcomes the kids back to class.

2005: Thermopylae: Nathan is surprised by his ceiling; Rahne talks to Nathan about Kyle's list and the rescued children; Forge and Nathan discuss the psimitar; Moira and Nathan make wedding plans; Haroun tells Nathan about what he left at the memorial stone; Scott and Wanda talk about training; Madelyn goes to Washington with Kurt for her official debriefing and returns with news of the survivors. Dani asks Alison to adopt her baby and Alison suggests Hank instead.

2006: Deborah, like most grandmothers, is shamelessly manipulative, and Scott finds himself calling his brother whether he thinks it's a good idea or not. Alex is shocked to hear about everything that's been happening. The two manage to mend fences in the process. Deborah is pleased. Logan meets Rachel, and he and Nathan arrange a night at Harry's Hideaway. Ororo and Logan run into each other in the kitchen for a reunion of sorts. They're both glad he's back, and there is talk of... grading papers. Haroun and Alison get tired of hashing out wedding plans and decide to just elope. Lorna does not take being jilted as a bridesmaid very well. Kitty and Lorna take revenge on Alison for the sliming. House of Wind: Saul Morrow invites Nathan to meet with him and Gideon Faraday, under truce as it were.

2007: Marie wakes up to find Betsy's telepathy has faded. Angel overdoses on Red Bull and Invader Zim. Lorna warns her students against slacking off just before Spring Break. Lorna and Alex have a tickle fight in the halls. Our Hell: Jennie comes across Illyana studying physics in the library, and notices Illyana is looking strained. 40 Days (in the Desert): Sofia shares the information with Lorna that her sister is into black market weapons and gets dinner in response.

2008: Operation: Take A Bow: The ambush is ambushed and in the process of sending the Warwolves back to their home dimension, Mark is almost disembowelled and buried under the roof of the collapsing church; Emma loses telepathic contact with him; the next morning, Jubilee brings Amanda food and agrees to help her with a location spell to determine Mark's possible whereabouts; Jubilee reports the failure of the location spell; Sarah suggests the Junior Trenchcoats go out to Finnegans in Mark's honor. Amanda apologises for missing the bus run.

2009: Manuel drunk dials Amanda. Adrienne visits Vanessa and talk turns to her date with Jake and the potential of a relationship between the two women, were things different. Yvette asks for people to not talk about sex in the public journals. Callie and Jane teach Jay how to make apple pie to satisfy his cravings. Julian takes Catseye to the mall and there is talk about her learning to drive. Jan runs into Cammie in the gym and discuss powers problems. Following Manuel's binge, Amanda and Kyle torment him with breakfast.

2010: Kevin leaves Jean-Paul another drawing. Doug's family insists on visiting his work and it's a struggle to keep things as 'normal' as possible. Santayana Effect: Adrienne, with a telepathic link to Emma in her mind, meets with Jason Wyngarde and Black Court telepathic consultant, Astrid Bloom, to read the Hellfire Club seal; Astrid Bloom traps Adrienne within the seal's memories and Emma tries to shock her out of the trap by pasting faces familiar to Adrienne over faces of characters interacting with the seal throughout history: she sees Logan taking Nico's grandmother back to Hong Kong after the Second World War; Cammie and Kurt are German spies planting a bomb at a theatre during V-E Day celebrations in 1945, thwarted by Marie-Ange and Wanda as Logan and Nico look on; Remy, Jean-Paul, and Warren are three brothers scheming and murdering each other over the seal in 1920s Egypt; Vanessa is a wounded soldier tended to by Nurse Angelo and killed by mentally unbalanced pilot Sam Guthrie; Sheriff Logan, Deputy Kyle, and saloon-owner Amara defeat evil killer Victor Creed in the Wild West; Doreen Green makes a transatlantic crossing from England to America to marry a man her mother, Amanda, has arranged for her; Lex is a Confederate soldier killed by the Union as he tries to get his young ward, Amanda to the docks to flee to England and keep the seal safe; Bobby Drake and Sam Guthrie as American rebel forces scare off Redcoat Julian Keller during the American Revolution; Doug picks up the newly forged seal and brings it to his boss, Elias Bogan, founder of the American Hellfire Club, wearing Garrison's face which breaks the trap Adrienne is caught in; Adrienne and Emma set a trap of their own for Astrid Bloom and Wyngarde by feeding them false images about the seal and Emma thwarts Astrid's attack on Adrienne, saving the day.

2011: Xaviers' newest student Matt Murdock arrives and is met by Jean, who takes him to his sound-proofed room. Matt is pleasantly surprised, though later is less so when he meets his new suitemate, Artie. 'John' comes to see Kurt about a photo he found of him and Catseye, wanting to know who she is. Something of an olive branch is offered. Amara and Sarah V. chat in the kitchen about being homesick, their powers and living at the mansion while Amara is making coffee. Warren and Angelo run into each other in District X and end up discussing going into practice together once Angelo has graduated from law school. Jubilee calls Marie-Ange about an exit strategy for a family in Egypt. Haller visits Matt, introducing himself as the school counsellor and starting to establish a bond with him. Haller later emails Kurt about Matt attending church with him. Matt posts on the network, introducing himself and belatedly let people know that he's blind. Laurie posts to the medical staff about giving Matt Advil. Later that night, Vanessa calls Warren from Wales, and they talk about Warren's love life, methods of therapy and learning how to ride a horse.

2012: Scott and Warren plan to go for out to watch a movie and grab a meal on Sunday. Angelica posts on her journal to tell everyone that she has returned to the mansion. Sooraya and Angelica catch up talking about England and Attilan.

2013: Wade announces he made a midnight shopping trip and has acquired and hidden 144 eggs throughout the grounds. Frank pays Angelo a visit and some unpleasant truths come to light. After his meeting with Frank, Angelo e-mails Fred to repair his office and Catseye, Korvus, Angel, and Haller to tell them to keep an eye on Frank. Doug makes a journal entry complaining about Wade pelting him with Reese eggs. Callie makes a journal entry announcing she’s made several kinds of chocolate candies for everyone. Haller and Topaz take a stab at working on emotional projection and accidentally bring Cyndi out to play. Tabitha decides, after five months, to find out what Topaz's deal is.

2014: Tabitha posts jubilant about UConn still being in the running for March Madness.

2015: Xavin meets Matt at the mansion. Xavin meets Miles and discovers more about the school.

2016: Doug and Hope talk about the power of rumors. Jessica posts two affirmations, one in verse. Rahne suggests a mansion-wide picnic. Kyle emails Rahne and Xavin about his trip to Alaska with Clint. Warren announces his assistant's engagement.

2017: Billy texts Megan about finding [her stone in his backpack, then realises it's not hers.

2018: Rogue proposes a road trip along with a trippy YouTube video.