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March 6

2004: Amanda and Manuel sleep together. Lorna finally accepts that she has a problem and goes to Alison for help with dealing with her anorexia.

2005: Infectia (plot): Amanda helps stitch up Remy, and they talk about Remy's past, he is then checked on by Lorna. Hank is back to his normal self, and has many visitors; Madelyn sees Infectia taken off by the FBI, and Scott encourages her finally to take a rest.

2006: Nathan introduces Jamie to the simulation table and the concept of the tactical review. After months of not talking, Forge and Jay start to make steps toward mending their friendship. Angelo attends a conference that Gideon Faraday is also at, and they have a surprisingly pleasant conversation. Following the meeting, he returns to the mansion and reports to Nathan, with confusion from them both and alarm from Nathan.

2007: Pete returns from Tel Aviv. Yvette thanks Tommy for letting her hide in his room during the previous day's ruckus, and is curious about the strange noises coming from Alex and Shiro's room. Lorna's dog escapes with one of her shoes. Wanda is attacked by Girl Scouts wielding cookies. Forge asks Doug about his powers of pattern recognition. Nathan texts Angelo from a boring meeting and invites him to the boathouse for dinner, where he manages to make Angelo laugh. Angelo has a therapy session with Jack Leary. Ororo meets with Remy, and apologises to him for her reaction in Africa. Kurt goes to France on a mysterious errand. Amanda and Logan spar. Marie-Ange and Amanda go out drinking and talk about Boys. Kaiten: Val Cooper calls Jean to an isolated federal facility, where they have a captured Preserver, whose powers have gone out of control; they discover his powers have been amplified, turning him into a living bomb, shortly before he explodes and nearly destroys the facility.

2008: Crystal decides on a double date - her and Forge and Amanda and Angelo; Amanda agrees it's a good thing and employs cunning to get Angelo to come out the following night. Jubilee finds Farouk camped on Amanda's doorstep. Kyle finishes his SATs. Julio works out who sent him the chocolates on Valentine's Day and plans to return the gesture on White Day (March 14). Crystal helps Nori with her English homework.

2009 Lil is unhappy about a rise in the price of cigarettes. Tabitha asks Clarice about her rates for a teleport to Bermuda. Jean-Phillipe emails Marie-Ange about needing to get away safely from the mansion and Attilan is suggested. Garrison and Adrienne go to Florida for Spring Training and he makes her examine more closely her reasons for wanting to join the Hellfire Club. Lil and Monet spar. Fred and Julian discuss a letter Julian's parents sent him about spending too much money on the date with Angel, and the roommates bond over families that don't want them.

2010 Revenant: Catseye seeks out Meggan to play with and Meggan is initially uncharacteristically grumpy and out of sorts from recurring nightmares.

2011: Laurie sends Kyle an email to let him know that he was being a douche nozzle. Marius leaves some get well gifts for Yvette, Angel and Paige. After an X-Men meeting, Tabitha catches up with Warren, and after a bit of flirting and kissing, the two head back to her suite. A groggy and drugged up Garrison manages to insult Jean by accident. Doug confronts Marie-Ange about his sister, and the talk does not go well.

2012: Nico posts an xkcd cartoon and reflects on her need for more social time.

2013: Billy and Korvus discuss power mishaps and Billy not burning the mansion down.

2014: Hope makes a spoilerific journal entry pondering the future of Game of Thrones.

2015: Clint calls Matt early in the morning about something he has found without giving too much away. Adrienne finds out that Hope and Topaz have a new love for wine and in exchange for not telling, insists they go talk to Rogue every time they have a bottle. Adrienne texts Rogue that she has new ‘patients’ for her.

2016: Jennie takes the late night comms shift, and checks in with two of her people from Clarent House.

2017: Gabriel announces his return. Everett asks for a ‘loan’ of a healing factor to deal with the injuries incurred during the Avengers battle. Topaz helps Amanda deal with the return of her emotions - and her addiction issues - after draining them during the battle with the ice giant. Later that night, Marie-Ange finds Topaz on their couch, and they talk about the events of the day before.

2018: Laurie posts about medical journal titles that sound like song titles. Operation: Salt the Earth: X-Force meets to discuss the results of their research and where the stolen samples are.