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March 8

2004: Something Wicked: Kwannon attempts to attack Miles Blaire, but his power interferes. Pete warns the staff off of messing with the blacklist Marie's name is on, for fear of drawing attention to the school.

2005: Hellfire and Damnation: Pete finally contacts Domino via phone to let people know he's all right. Haroun takes Miles out to the movies, and discusses some cultural differences with him. After turning the sugar-addled child over to his mother, he has to deal with Alison later. Hank and Moira discuss Amanda, Jono, and Moira's upcoming wedding plans. Cain finds out his accountant, Cameron Hodge, has embezzled all his money.

2006: Forge comes to Tommy's room to exchange books, finds Tommy practising his powers on soda cans and pizza boxes, and proceeds to question him about his antisocial tendencies. The boys who participated in the panty raid are tied up and left in the hallway wearing only lingerie; most of them escape, but abandon Marius until Angelo rescues him. Not So Plain Jane: Jane is in a bad mood and hunts down Scott to torment him, in a possibly unwise move; after this encounter, Scott goes and gets drunk before calling Ororo to drive him home. Ororo guarantees a warm weekend. Scott worries about the example the staff are setting in terms of sanity.

2007: Kaiten: Pete reports to Snow Valley the information on the human bombs, and things step up research-wise; Nathan sends Pete Jean's report; a Preserver cell is found in Portugal, and after some heavy fighting, the X-Men manage to capture a number of them. Medusa complains about her classes. Shiro comments about the Japanese Prime Minster. Terry heads back to Cassidy Keep for a spell. Angel reveals to Sooraya that she's been learning Dari. Nathan has public-speaking jitters and manages to convince Angelo to come to the UN conference on Smichov with him, and later mentions an archeological discovery in Syria.

2008: Laurie shares a cute coffee bean comic with Lorna. Scott clips his hair to fuzzy-short. Laurie bullies Angelo out of his suite for a picnic. Jean pins Nathan down for a talk about his issues. Jay passes his bar-tending exam and celebrates four months with Kevin. Jennie discovers her dance professor is Dr. Samson's sister. Betsy is tired of looking at budgets and spreadsheets. Wanda gets a late birthday surprise from Kurt - a weekend away.

2009: Lil checks in on Jean-Paul. Kurt and Manuel discuss Kurt's father and Kurt's plans to destroy him financially. Manuel seeks culinary help in feeding Valentia, and goes so far to enroll in a cooking class. Kurt and Wanda have dinner together and talk about Mystique and clan. Jay goes to New York to apologise to Mark for nearly killing him earlier. Forge emails Jay about the scene in the Danger Room earlier in the week and receives a hostile response which turns into a fight; Forge goes off to Harry's and Jay follows him; Forge gets into an accident and Jay saves him, only to discover it was a set up for his benefit as Forge eventually convinces him he's more than a killer and the changes to him can be used for good. Laurie emails Forge to tell him he's stupid.

2010: The New Mutants have study hall.

2011: Garrison posts to the journals post-painkillers, and is tormented by various people. Jean takes an enforced break from the medlab at Amelia's 'hint'. Yvette goes to visit Angel after getting released from the medlab, talking about the mission and also about boys. Laura and Wade spar, before going out for food. Marie-Ange visits Garrison, teasing him and some flirting and possibly more occurs.

2012: Sharon and Nico catch up, with Nico explaining about her mutant ability and the impact on her life. Lorna announces she will be lying low due to a headache caused by a massive solar storm. Layla announces her intention to try and walk to the kitchen and back for the first time since the fair. Maddie gives Sooraya a surprise as a treat after her almost-wedding.

2013: Tandy texts Maddie and Clint to see if they would want to go to Hollywood with her in April. Sue finds Hope at the mall and the two girls talk. Clint texts Maddie and asks what she wants for her birthday.


2015: Matt posts about his lazy Sunday morning and that he should go to church but later. Warren takes Jean to meet his parents and it’s extremely awkward.


2017: Gabriel emails the X-Force crew, confused about his goldfish’s new, expensive home. Back from his trip overseas, Gabriel catches up with Miles.

2018: Sue builds Sharon a weapon to defend herself against Qunbula. Angelo and Sooraya discuss Sooraya's new responsibilities and some possible future plans. Sooraya emails John, Jean and Jean-Phillipe about reconstituting some of the X-Corps work. Jean-Paul texts Topaz. Operation: Salt the Earth: Doctor Orekhov reveals the stolen materials from Frost Enterprises and his plans for it; Emma bumps into Orehkov at the party; North arranges a 'chance meeting' with Vazhin's bodyguard; Wanda meets with Vazhin at the party; Nina makes contact with the resident IT manager and sets up a further encounter.